25 Most Hardcore People To Have Ever Lived

Whether it is a soldier, an explorer, a pirate, or an athlete, people have always looked up to those that they see as “tough” or “hardcore”. In some cultures this phenomenon has certainly been more pronounced than in others. For example, the ancient Spartans were extremely obsessed with being the toughest and manliest group of people on the planet. Although these days society has calmed down a bit, we are still captivated by those that we believe to be hardcore people; those that fall into the “tough guy” (or gal) category.

Of course, and perhaps not surprisingly, many of the people on this list earned a spot due to their exploits on the battlefield. This has probably been the fastest and most sure fire way to be ingrained in the collective conscience as someone known for their toughness. In some cases, however, it has more to do with how much of a beating someone could take. Several of the people on our list weren’t soldiers but they were nearly impossible to kill. Others were generals and warlords, and one was even a princess who’s claim to fame was wrestling prospective suitors. Whatever the story is, it’s sure to be interesting and definitely hard core. These are the 25 Most Hardcore People To Have Ever Lived!

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Frederick the Great

Frederick the GreatSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Taking on Austria, France, Sweden, Poland, Russia, and several smaller German and Italian city states, Frederick managed to unite the German speaking people into an empire that would be the most powerful on Earth until World War I.


Michael Malloy

Michael MalloySource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Like Rasputin, Michael refused to die. A homeless man, 5 men took out life insurance policies on him and then tried to get him to drink himself to death. That didn’t work so they added antifreeze to his drinks, then turpentine, then horse tranquilizer, and finally rat poison. Nothing worked so they dragged him outside and left him in the snow outside the bar. The next morning he walked in and ordered another drink. They then ran him over, which also didn’t work. They finally succeeded by shoving a gas pipe down his throat and pumping him full of gas for 1 hour. They later received the death penalty.


Stanley “Swede” Vejtasa

Stanley “Swede” VejtasaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Possibly one of the craziest American pilots during World War II, he actually shot down a plane after running out of ammunition by charging it with his own plane. He survived.


Audie Murphy

Audie MurphySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The real Captain America, Audie was only 16 when he got rejected from both the Navy and Air Force. He was finally accepted by the Army, passed out in training, but still insisted on going to fight in Europe. In Italy he then contracted Malaria. He became famous, however, when he stumbled across a German machine gun crew that pretended to surrender but then shot his best friend. Audie went crazy and killed everyone in the nest. After securing the machine gun he mowed down every German within a 100 yard radius.


Hugh Glass

Hugh GlassSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Although the story is probably a little exaggerated, Hugh was on a trapping expedition when he got mauled by a grizzly bear that he killed with help from his friends. He passed out though and woke up later only to find that his hunting party had abandoned him. He cleaned his wounds and dressed them using the bear’s skin as a bandage. He then crawled back to civilization. It took him 6 weeks during which he fought off wolves and made a raft to cross a river.

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