25 Most Hardcore People To Have Ever Lived

Whether it is a soldier, an explorer, a pirate, or an athlete, people have always looked up to those that they see as “tough” or “hardcore”. In some cultures this phenomenon has certainly been more pronounced than in others. For example, the ancient Spartans were extremely obsessed with being the toughest and manliest group of people on the planet. Although these days society has calmed down a bit, we are still captivated by those that we believe to be hardcore people; those that fall into the “tough guy” (or gal) category.

Of course, and perhaps not surprisingly, many of the people on this list earned a spot due to their exploits on the battlefield. This has probably been the fastest and most sure fire way to be ingrained in the collective conscience as someone known for their toughness. In some cases, however, it has more to do with how much of a beating someone could take. Several of the people on our list weren’t soldiers but they were nearly impossible to kill. Others were generals and warlords, and one was even a princess who’s claim to fame was wrestling prospective suitors. Whatever the story is, it’s sure to be interesting and definitely hard core. These are the 25 Most Hardcore People To Have Ever Lived!

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Tank Man

Tank ManSource: wikipedia, Image: obtained via David Erickson via Flickr. Photograph by Jeff Widener used here under Fair Use.

There are few things more hardcore than facing an column of tanks without so much as a gun.



SubutaiSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Genghis Khan’s military strategist was probably one of the most ruthless warriors in history. He plowed across two continents like it was nothing.



KhutulunSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This Mongolian princess insisted that any man who wished to marry her must beat her in wrestling and give her their horses if they lost. She supposedly won nearly 10,000 horses.


Jack Churchill

Jack ChurchillSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Known as Mad Jack by his fellow soldiers, during WWII Jack chose to use a sword instead of a gun and was allegedly disappointed when the war ended.



RasputinSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The advisor to the Romanov family was nearly impossible to kill. During an assassination attempt he survived being poisoned, shot, beaten, and thrown into a freezing river. He died under the ice but there was evidence that he had still tried to claw his way out.

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