25 Most Famous Star Ships In The Galaxy

We have always been fascinated with interstellar travel at light speeds. This fascination has spawned a host of engineering fantasy marvels called star ships reflecting the increasing desire to explore the unknown. See how many of our 25 most famous star ships in the galaxy you can recognize.

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White Base

White Base[email protected]

A star ship from the popular show Gundam Wing; Pegasus-class mobile suit carrier, SCV-70 (LMSD-71, MSC-02) White Base was deployed by the Earth Federation during the first part of the One Year War. Its major function was to carry and back up mobile suits in space.


NSEA Protector

NSEA Protectorgalaxyquest.wikia.com

An Evolution Heavy Cruiser in the movie Galaxy Quest, NSEA Protector was commanded by captain Peter Quincy Taggart and served as the flagship for the NSEA. It had a crew composed of over 600 people and it was considered as the most powerful interstellar spacecraft of the world. This was the only known NSEA vessel that had Mak’Tar as one of its crew members.


USS Discovery One

USS Discovery Onegunstar1.deviantart.com

A Spaceship in The Space Odyssey series, the USS Discovery One was a nuclear powered interplanetary star ship that was named after the sailing ship of Captain Robert Scott, RRS Discovery. In the movie, Discovery One was partly operated by the HAL 9000 AI.




From the movie Stargate Atlantis; Daedalus was a second generation interstellar capital ship that was built and deployed by the United States military to the Fast Attack Wing. Captained by Colonel Steven Caldwell, the principal mission of this star ship was to convey equipment and people between Earth and Atlantis. Daedalus was armed with tactical warheads and possessed shields like those of Asgards.


Asgard Ship

Asgard Shiponlyhdwallpapers.com

Another ship from the Stargate universe; The Asgard was operated by a single Asgard and was equipped with intergalactic hyper drives, rear thrusters for its sub light propulsion, cloaking devices, and better shielding than most star ships.

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