25 Most Famous Star Ships In The Galaxy

Posted by , Updated on March 21, 2024

We have always been fascinated with interstellar travel at light speeds. This fascination has spawned a host of engineering fantasy marvels called star ships reflecting the increasing desire to explore the unknown. See how many of our 25 most famous star ships in the galaxy you can recognize.

White Base

White Base[email protected]

A star ship from the popular show Gundam Wing; Pegasus-class mobile suit carrier, SCV-70 (LMSD-71, MSC-02) White Base was deployed by the Earth Federation during the first part of the One Year War. Its major function was to carry and back up mobile suits in space.


NSEA Protector

NSEA Protectorgalaxyquest.wikia.com

An Evolution Heavy Cruiser in the movie Galaxy Quest, NSEA Protector was commanded by captain Peter Quincy Taggart and served as the flagship for the NSEA. It had a crew composed of over 600 people and it was considered as the most powerful interstellar spacecraft of the world. This was the only known NSEA vessel that had Mak’Tar as one of its crew members.


USS Discovery One

USS Discovery Onegunstar1.deviantart.com

A Spaceship in The Space Odyssey series, the USS Discovery One was a nuclear powered interplanetary star ship that was named after the sailing ship of Captain Robert Scott, RRS Discovery. In the movie, Discovery One was partly operated by the HAL 9000 AI.




From the movie Stargate Atlantis; Daedalus was a second generation interstellar capital ship that was built and deployed by the United States military to the Fast Attack Wing. Captained by Colonel Steven Caldwell, the principal mission of this star ship was to convey equipment and people between Earth and Atlantis. Daedalus was armed with tactical warheads and possessed shields like those of Asgards.


Asgard Ship

Asgard Shiponlyhdwallpapers.com

Another ship from the Stargate universe; The Asgard was operated by a single Asgard and was equipped with intergalactic hyper drives, rear thrusters for its sub light propulsion, cloaking devices, and better shielding than most star ships.


The Mothership

The Mothershipaufo.persianblog.ir

The model of the mothership used in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind was conceived by Stephen Spielberg and was crafted by a team led by a man named Gregory Jin. In the movie, this spacecraft appeared much like a huge, hovering star ship with bright colored lights beneath it.


The Destiny

The Destinyanimaniacarts.deviantart.com

Automated ship Destiny was one of the star ships from the Ancient Fleet that travelled faster than the speed of light. It was launched over 50 million years before the Earth came to being, along with other automated star ships for the sole purpose of creating stargates across the galaxy.


Borg Cube

Borg Cubelighti85.deviantart.com

Used as the primary vessel of the Borg Collective, the Borg Cube was first launched in 2365 after the USS Enterprise-D stumbled upon a single cube in System J-25. There were claims; however, that several civilian researchers had already tracked a similar cube in 2353, a decade before the Borg Cube was launched. The cube was capable of obliterating all the elements of an entire planet in a single attack.


Colonial Battlestar Galactica BG-75

Colonial Battlestar Galactica BG-75www.igorlab.com

The Colonial Battlestar Galactica BG-75 was used to travel to the Twelve Colonies from the ruins of the Earth. This star ship served as a home to many humanoids and Centurion Cylons following the war. Following its destruction, it was resurrected as a sub light star ship.


USCSS Prometheus

USCSS Prometheuswww.scriptflags.com

NX-59650 USCSS Prometheus was a Federation Prometheus star ship that served the Starfleet during the late 24th century. The ship boasted of multi-vector assault mode regenerative shields, holographic projectors on its deck and the title of the fastest ship in Starfleet.


Space Battleship Yamato

Space Battleship Yamatowww.beyondhollywood.com

Also called Cosmoship Yamato, Space Battleship Yamato was among the enormous spacecrafts in the series entitled Space Cruiser Yamato. This Japanese battleship was later renamed Argo and was launched to retrieve the radiation-removing device in the massive spaceship that was built by the inhabitants of the Earth to destroy Yamato.




Often referred to as the Firefly space vessel, Serenity was the fictional spaceship that was used in the television series entitled “Firefly.” It was launched during the 26th century where it followed the nine-person crew of a typical Firefly-class vessel. It was often described as the “tenth character” of the television series and was often compared to the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. This spaceship also made appearances in the Battlestar Galactica miniseries.


Star Destroyer

Star Destroyerwww.moddb.com

Star Destroyers were powerful star ships that were used by the Imperials, the Galactic Republic, New Republic and Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Commonly referred to as “Destroyers,” this space vessel is dagger-shaped and is armed with heavy guns.


USCSS Nostromo

USCSS Nostromowww.dynamiceye.net

From the popular Aliens movie collection; the Weyland-Yutami Lockmart star ship was used as a commercial hauler between the Earth and Thedus, USCSS. The ship was the main stage for one of the most thrilling and freaky sci-fi monsters ever created.


SDF-1 Macross

SDF-1 Macrossghostlightning.wordpress.com

SDF-1 Macross is a star ship that has the ability to “space folds” which refer to the ability to travel in subspace for a movement that is even faster than light. This fictional interstellar transforming spacecraft was first introduced in the anime science fiction series entitled The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.


Andromeda Ascendant

Andromeda Ascendantimages3.wikia.nocookie.net

The Andromeda Ascendant came into being in the Newport News Orbital Shipyards in 9768. It was the tenth star ship under the Glorious Heritage class and was captained by Dylan Hunt. This space craft had an artificial intelligence and appeared as avatar Rommie, a three-dimensional holographic projection and as a two-dimensional monitor.


The Betty

The Bettywww.foundation3d.com

Captained by Frank Elgyn, The Betty was a 24th century star ship that was crewed by smugglers and mercenaries. Betty was one of the oldest star ships in the movie Alien Resurrection.


USS Sulaco

carpatys.com carpatys.com

A Conestoga-class star ship that was used to transport the United States Colonial Marines, the USS Sulaco was among the fictional spaceships in the movie Aliens that worked with a colony on LV-426 on the investigation of the loss of communication between the Earth and other deployed spaceships. It could carry up to 20,000 tons of cargo and had sufficient life support capabilities for up to 90 passengers.


Spaceball One

Spaceball Onejaythurman.deviantart.com

Known as the major weapon of conquest of the Space Balls, Spaceball One is a spaceship that is comparable to the Death Star as well as to the Imperial Star Destroyer. The length of this spaceship was homage to the Nostromo of Alien and its shape resembled a combination of Battlestar Galactica and the Super Star Destroyers. Among the most defining characteristics of Spaceball One is its capacity to travel at four different speeds and its ability to transform into various robotic toys.


USS Enterprise

USS Enterprisewww.heyuguys.co.uk

The USS Enterprise served the Starfleet in the mid-24th century and was the fifth star ship under the Federation that bore the name Enterprise. It served as the Federation flagship and was built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, which orbited planet Mars in the Sol System.


District 9 Space ship


Not much is known about this massive piece of alien technology other than the fact that it was used as an interplanetary travel device that somehow rendezvoused to earth (and the fact that it’s very…very loud). The ship is central to the story of the acclaimed District 9 movie.


USS Cygnus

USS Cygnusalgae998.deviantart.com

The USS Cygnus was one of the star ships from the movie Black Hole. Unlike most star ships, it had a Gothic and Victorian design and was completely lit from within. Cygnus was discovered by the star ship USS Palomino along the gravity-free area outside the Black Hole.


The Axiom

The Axiomwww.wallsave.com

A massive second generation luxury cruise ship made of nuclear-embedded positronium alloy, the Axiom was crewed almost entirely by robots, although it also had a human captain. It was one of the 300,000 star liners that were sent out into space, hoping that one day the Earth would become habitable again.


Super Star Destroyer

Super Star Destroyerjetfreak74656.deviantart.com

Super Star Destroyer (not to be confused with the regular star destroyer) was the term that the Imperial, Republic and New Rebel used to refer to the dagger-shaped star ship. It was one of the largest star ships ever designed and fielded, even larger than the Lucrehulk Battleships of the Trade Federation.


Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falconwww.hdwpapers.com

Captained by smuggler Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon was a highly modified light star ship popular because of its hamburger-inspired design. In the movie Star Wars, the sound it produced as it traveled through hyper space came from two tracks of the engine noise of its McDonnell Douglas DC-9. This star ship had concealed scanner-proof smuggling compartments as well as military-class weaponry.