25 Most Famous Fictional Weapons Ever

Science fiction movies are among the favorites of movie buffs. Such movies are very engaging because they explore various human conditions and involve philosophical ideas that allow viewers to think out of the box. Aside from the element of philosophy, among the many other things that make sci-fi movies big hits are the technologies that they introduce. Inherent to this movie genre are robots, time travel machines and weapons that are not just plain cool or shiny but also have the capacity to take down villains, sometimes better than the superheroes themselves. Here are 25 of the most famous fictional weapons known to man:

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The Alpha-Omega Bomb (Beneath the Planet of the Apes)


In the movie “Planet of the Apes,” folks virtually wiped out the entire human civilization through a nuclear war. In the sequel of this movie entitled “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” a device called the alpha-omega bomb was introduced as something which, according to Taylor, has the capacity to “burn the entire planet to a cinder.”


“Hand” Grenade (Death Zone 2000)

Slide24Hand Grenade

In the movie “Death Zone 2000” which stars David Carraline, famous racer Frankenstein plans to win the Transcontinental Road Race and kill the President with the help of the “hand grenade,” a device built into his fake hand, as he shakes hand with him.


The SOL Satellite (Akira)


This famous fictional weapon was first introduced in the movie entitled “Akira.” In the movie, crazy kids in Neo-Tokyo began to exhibit intense psionic abilities, threatening the city. The government used the SOL Satellite to gain the upper hand in its battle against the kids by firing this orbital weapon at them.


Gristle Gun (eXistenZ)


This bizarre gun was introduced by director David Croneborg in the movie eXistenZ. Knwn for being much weirder than the pistol in the movie Videdrome, this little weapon was constructed by the character of Jude Law out of discarded Chinese food. It looks silly but has the capacity to shoot down ill-mannered waiters.


Sonic Shot Gun (Minority Report)


This sonic shot gun was featured in the Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg film “Minority Report.” This fictional weapon does nt offer anything special except for its “sonic” feature, which is known for its sweet sound effects, as well as for its unique survival motion when reloading.

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