25 Most Extreme Climates And Places On Earth

Posted by , Updated on July 30, 2015


Nature can be pretty extreme! In this list, we focus on a variety of different meanings of extreme, namely the five wettest, driest, deepest, coldest, and hottest places on Earth. It’s tough to fathom heat at 160°Fahrenheit (71°C) or rainfall totaling up to seven Big Macs tall in just one day – but it happens! Check out these extreme places in our list of the 25 most extreme climates and places on Earth!

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Ureca, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea - The wettest place in Africa

Equatorial_Guinea_MapSource: Weather Underground & Daily Telegraph, Image: Wikipedia

Starting off our list are the five wettest places on Earth. The wettest place in Africa is on the southern end of Equatorial Guinea’s Bioko Island. The town of Ureca experiences near-daily downpours, bringing 411 inches (10,450 mm) of rain each year. July alone brings 87 inches (2205 mm) – that’s almost a quarter of annual rainfall in just one month!


Cropp River - Wettest Place in New Zealand

Cropp_River,_Westland,_New_ZealandSource: Weather Underground & Daily Telegraph, Image: Wikipedia

The Cropp River area of New Zealand’s South Island receives 453 inches (11,516 mm) of rain annually, making for a gushing river. Its one-day rainfall record was set on December 28, 1989 when 30 inches (758 mm) fell in 24 hours – that’s almost seven Big Macs piled on top of each other.


Tutunendo - Wettest Place in Colombia

pacific ocean beach in choco colombiaSource: Weather Underground & Daily Telegraph, Image: Wikimedia

Receiving an average of 463 inches (11,770 mm) of rain annually, Tutunendo is near Colombia’s Pacific Ocean coast. Even during the dry season, clouds are so present the town only receives 3-4 hours of sunshine each day.


Cherrapunji - Wettest Place In northeastern India

Living_root_bridges,_Nongriat_village,_Meghalaya2Source: Weather Underground & Daily Telegraph, Image: Wikipedia

Just 9 miles (15 km) away from #1, Cherrapunji is in Meghalaya, a state in northeastern India. Receiving up to 464 inches (11,777 mm) of rain annually, the villagers have devised a clever way to get around – over decades, they have wound the roots of trees into bridges which cross rivers and gorges.


Mawsynram, India - Wettest place in the world

India_southwest_summer_monsoon_onset_map_enSource: Weather Underground & Daily Telegraph, Image: Wikipedia

The wettest place in the world is the Indian village of Mawsynram where rain comes down so often and so hard villagers line their homes with grass to dull the sound. Its position just above the plains of Bangladesh leads it to get pelted by an average of 467 inches (11,871 mm) of rain annually. That’s almost 40 feet!

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