25 Most Extensive Metro Systems In The World

Have you ever stopped to consider which metro systems in the world are the most extensive? Measuring the most extensive metro system in the world isn’t as cut and dried as it seems. First off, what exactly constitutes a metro? Does it have to be underground? Do we count the number of stations or the length of the track? Generally, the two follow one another closely, but not always. For the purposes of this list, we decided to go with length of track, but we are by no means claiming that this is the best or only way to measure a metro system. Keeping all of this in mind, we bring you the 25 Most Extensive Metro Systems In The World.



This combined urban rapid transit and suburban rail network serves the Copenhagen metropolitan area and connects the city center with the suburbs.


Shenzhen Metro


A relatively new metro system, Shenzhen is the sixth city in China to open an underground transportation system. It has 111 miles of track and 137 stations.


Delhi Metro


Possibly one of the most dangerous modern metros to construct in terms of life lost, over 100 people have died in the last decade working on various expansions to the network.


Tokyo Metro


One of two separate metro systems used by the citizens of Tokyo, the Tokyo Metro gets so full during peak hours that specially trained individuals known as Oshiya, or “pushers,” are used to cram people into crowded trains before they depart the station.


Guangzhou Metro


The fourth metro system to be constructed in China after Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai, the Guangzhou underground is the sixth busiest in the world and has 120 stations lining 134 miles of track.

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