25 Most Expensive Phone Apps In The Market

Apps are awesome and everybody knows that.

What’s not to love about living in a high-tech world where little boxes in our smartphones can do anything for us? From calling us a taxi to delivering our groceries with the click of a button, apps make life easier.

What’s even better is that most of these applications are totally free, while some of them have a minimal charge.

However, there are a few apps that are not cheap at all. Actually, they’re really expensive. And the worst part is that some of them are totally useless too.

Here are 25 of the most ludicrously expensive apps you can download today … but we wouldn’t advise you to buy any of them if you don’t really need them for business purposes.

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Classic TC with WordPower


This truly awesome app is a full-featured communication solution for people who have difficulty using their natural voice.

It’s designed for individuals with autism, Down syndrome, ALS, apraxia, or those who have suffered from a stroke or another condition that affects one’s ability to use natural speech.

Not as pricey as many of the others on this list, this app costs $299.99.


SafeSession Voice Encryption


SafeSession provides mobile secure VoIP calls.

Your phone conversation is protected from being hacked with the aid of voice encryption algorithms, but only if the person on the other end has also installed the SafeSession secure software on their device.

The price of this app is $300, but it will help your conversations feel safer than ever before.


Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2


For just $299.99, you can download Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 and get access to four different games including the bizarrely cool Clown Bop.

In case the name intrigues you as much as it intrigued us during research, you might be amused to learn this game offers you the unique chance of punching the heck out of a clown-like punching bag.

Virtually, of course.


Water Globe

snow globehttp://water-globe.appstor.io/

Water Globe is a set of interactive screen toys. The globe runs a fluid dynamics simulation, using gravity and shaking to produce the effect of snow.

You can shake and tilt the screen to make the flakes go flying … your very own winter wonderland. You also have the option to change the globe background, gravity, snowflake size, and amount of snow.

The only problem is that you will have to spend about $300 to do all these fancy, snowy things.


Barcelona vs Madrid


The match between fierce rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is considered one of the biggest club sporting events in the world.

According to Forbes, these two soccer teams are some of the world’s most valuable sports teams as well.

Unsurprisingly, this game is also the most expensive soccer app at $349.99.

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