25 Most Expensive Jeans In The World

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The first pair of “Blue Jeans” were made by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1871. Made from sturdy denim with metal rivets, the pants were designed for miners, cowboys, and other men who worked long hours and got very dirty. In fact Jeans didn’t become popular outside of work until the 1950s when teenagers started wearing them. It’s ironic, then, that designer jeans are now considered a symbol of wealth. How far the blue jean has come from it’s humble beginnings, in some cases far removed from the working class that birthed it. Here are the 25 most expensive jeans in the world.


Regular, ready to wear, off the rack Guess jeans can cost $400 USD a pair. Yep. Though usually they're in the $100-$200 range.

guess jeansSource: http://luxatic.com

7 For All Mankind jeans are the jeans that Fergie is talking about when she says "Seven Jeans, True Religion I say no, but they keep giving" in the timeless Black Eyed Peas song "My Humps". They're a luxury denim brand started in the early 2000s, and a pair starts around $300 USD.

forallmankindSource: https://www.themeshnews.com/

A pair of Armani Regular Fit (limited Edition) Women's Jeans from the spring 2017 collection cost $1,295 USD. Never fear! At the time of this writing, they are on sale for a mere $777 USD. It should be noted, however, that they contain no rhinestones or booty embroidery. Frippery costs extra.

Giorgio_ArmaniSource: http://www.armani.com

Earnest Sewn is a NYC based luxury casual clothing company. They can and will make custom jeans for you, starting around $1,000. Their non custom pants are around $300/pair

earnestsewnSource: http://www.worldblaze.in

If you thought that Burberry was just for plaid scarves and awesome coats, you'd be wrong! They also make jeans. And a pair for the man in your life will cost you a mere $295. Which is about the monthly food budget for most working class families in the US.

Burberry_wordmarkSource: https://us.burberry.com

DIESEL is a pretty well known name in jeans, and for good reasons. Their designs are amazing, and you pay to wear that amazingness on your person. Their NARROT men's jean from 2017 is covered in lots of tiny little bits of "distressing", and retails for $555 USD. However, the most expensive pair they've ever made was $15,600 USD.

Diesel_storeSource: http://www.fashionlady.in

Balmain is French fashion house founded in the 1940s. Jeans were invented in the United States, but those were for the working man. Balmain makes nothing so plebeian, their jeans are legit French Fashion House, and a pair for men costs $1,165 USD. If that's too rich for your blood, they have sweat pants that start at $750 USD.

Balmain-logoSource: http://www.balmain.com

A pair of men's Louis Vuitton "Fragment" Slim Jeans costs $885 USD. They're black with rainbow rivets around the pockets, and "FRGMT" lasered on the side. The booty does, of course, have a patch with the iconic LV logo. What's the point of spending over $800USD on a pair of jeans if people can't instantly tell by looking at your booty?

Louis_Vuitton_LogoSource: http://us.louisvuitton.com

Loewe makes a very fancy pair of tiger stripe dyed denim fit and flare jeans, with groovy patch pockets, for only $1,150 USD. Their "regular" jeans are around $650 USD a pair though, which is totally not at all the same amount I spent on my wedding dress.

LoeweSource: http://www.loewe.com

Raleigh Denim Workshop hand makes each pair of their jeans in Raleigh, NC. Their most expensive pair of men's jeans comes in at $385, but most pairs cost around $225. For a union made, hand made, USA pair o' jeans.

raleighdenim1Source: https://raleighdenimworkshop.com

You can own a pair of Porche jeans if you don't mind the Porche logo on your uh, personal bumper. Their most expensive pair of jeans is a mere $450 USD

porscheSource: http://www.porsche-design.us

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Yves Saint Laurent is internationally known as one of the best high end fashion brands...ever? So a sticker price of around $3,000 USD for a pair of leather jeans isn't really surprising or unreasonable. Regular denim jeans are in the $550-$850 range.

Yves_Saint_Laurent_LogoSource: http://www.ysl.com

A pair of Stella McCartney's "Kendal" wide leg jeans will set you back $735 USD. These are really attractive pants, there's no garish rhinestones, but that's still more than two weeks of full time pay at the Federal Minimum Wage. Before Taxes.

stellamccartneySource: https://www.stellamccartney.com

I just feel like you all need to know that Micheal Kors Collection has a pair of tie dyed baby pink, bell bottomed, leather "jeans", and they cost $2,054 USD a pair. Which, according to a 2011 TIME magazine article, is an amount about half of Americans couldn't come up with in cash in 30 days to cover an emergency or major expense without pawning and selling personal items.

michael-kors-red-tie-dye-suede-bell-bottom-pantsSource: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/

French designer Isabel Marant launched her label in 1994. Many of her pieces combine the quintessential slouchy tomboy qualities of the 90s with unexpected feminine glamour - such as crystal-studded croppe jeans that run $1,590 USD per pair.

Isabel_marant_logoSource: https://www.neimanmarcus.com

Alexander McQueen - the Design house that made the wedding dress of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - makes everything from well, literal princess wedding gowns to jeans. And a pair of their embroidered jeans from their 2017 collection can run you up to $2,165 USD

Embroidered_jeansSource: http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/

A pair of Valentino "Rockstud Untitled " jeans will run you $1,195 USD. Which is also the monthly rent of a modern, hip, studio apartment in Denver, CO., or a month of rent on a newly renovated 3 bedroom house in Nashville, TN which would comfortably fit a working class family of 5.

valentino-blue-loose-fit-jeansSource: https://www.valentino.com

You know something is expensive if it appeared in any of the "Sex and the City" movies, and Roberto Cavalli jeans are no exception. The pants which are made out of basically the same stuff as a good pair of Levi's, but have unique "jewel" (rhinestone) patterns on each pair cost around $1,200 per pair.

robertocavalliSource: http://www.worldblaze.in

There's luxury, and then there's APO Jeans which you can get with rivets and buttons made out of gold or platinum and set with diamonds. They also have more than the usual amount of fancy baubles for ya booty. Their diamond and platinum buttons jeans start at $4,000 USD. That's more than my first two cars cost. Combined.

APOSource: http://dolchino.com

Escada started making jeans in 1978, and they continue to do so today. In fact, they'll make you a custom pair with whatever distressing and embroidered doodley-dos butt designs you want, encrusted with Swarovski, for a mere $10,000 USD. And yes, they were everything your late 90s/early 00s teenage dreams were made of. Non crystal encrusted jeans have a slightly more reasonable starting price.

Escada-jeansSource: http://luxatic.com

Gucci is so synonymous with luxury that rappers give themselves rap names with Gucci in them. Being one of the first "Luxury" jean brands, Gucci “Genius Jeans” have a price tag of $4,000 USD.

Gucci “Genius Jeans”Source: http://luxatic.com/

Dolce & Gabbana Boyfriend Fit Jeans With Jewel Application (for women) from the Summer 2017 collection cost $4,495 USD. The same amount as a working class family of four's monthly budget in Orlando or it's suburbs.

Dolce & Gabbana Boyfriend Fit Jeans With Jewel ApplicationSource: http://us.dolcegabbana.com

Dussault Apparel's Thrashed Denim Line sold for 250,000 USD each. They were washed and hand painted 13 times to achieve the unique look of the denim. Oh, and they also had over 15 carats of rubies, 4 carats of diamonds and a lot of golden skulls. It's what Ed Hardy wished for for Christmas.

Apparel-Thrashed-Denim-Jeans-2013Source: http://www.complex.com

According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, the most expensive pair of jeans ever sold at auction were sold for $60,000 USD in 2005. A pair of authentic, pre -1900 Levi's, and the only pair in "wearable" condition. When found, the jeans had never been washed, which is partially what helped keep them intact.

Levi's_506_labelSource: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com

Secret Circus sold jeans with diamonds on them (because you need a bejeweled booty). They cost over $1,250,000.00 USD, which is about 22 times the US median family income for 2016.

Secret-CircusSource: https://www.trendhunter.com

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