25 Most Expensive Homes Ever Built

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Have you seen some of the world’s most expensive homes? They are magnificent! An awe inspiring testament to the fact that people like expensive things. This includes things like expensive private jets, expensive yachts, and/or other expensive items most people can only wish of affording. With that said, it should come as no surprise that people who can afford to drive the most expensive cars, fly in the most expensive private jets and wear the most expensive clothes, can also afford to live in the most expensive homes. Ridiculously expensive homes! Like so expensive, you might as well buy a country (slight exaggeration). Out of curiosity we decided to find out which are the 25 most expensive homes ever built (and how much they actually cost) and you won’t believe what we found! Homes of prominent American businessmen, Russian oligarchs, Hollywood celebrities and other billionaires worth millions! In fact, you can almost say (and be fairly accurate) that each of the houses featured in this post are probably more expensive than all the houses in your neighborhood combined. From luxury mansions in the Silicon Valley and renowned lavish apartments in Central London to the legendary Villa Leopolda in France and the $1 billion private residence in India, these are 25 Most Expensive Homes Ever Built.


Central Park West, New York (price: $88 million)

Central Park WestSource: cnn.com, image: www.domain.com.au

In 2012, the penthouse apartment on Central Park West in Manhattan was bought through a trust under the name of Ekatarina Rybolovleva, the daughter of the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The 4-bedroom apartment has a wraparound terrace, windowed chef’s kitchen and a roof garden. It’s approximately 6,744 square feet with 4 1/2 baths and an oval-shaped master bedroom.


Maison de L'Amitie, Florida (price: $95 million)

Maison de L'AmitieSource and image: www.realtytoday.com

In 2008, Rybolovlev purchased a luxury estate known as “Maison de L’Amitie” from property mogul Donald Trump for $95 million. Located in Palm Beach, Florida, the oceanfront 6.26 acre estate includes 18 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, large gardens, diamond and gold fixtures and a nearly 50 car garage. Yet, soon after Rybolovlev bought the estate, he said he would level it as the house was mold-infested.


9a Kensington Palace Gardens, U.K. (price: $99 million)

Kensington Palace GardensSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: www.dailymail.co.uk

In 2008, Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian steel magnate, bought the building Nr. 9a in the Kensington Palace Gardens for $99 million for his daughter Vanisha. Kensington Palace Gardens is a street in west central London with some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in the world. Before the purchase, the building used to be the Embassy of the Philippines.


Silicon Valley Mansion, California (price: $100 million)

Silicon Valley MansionSource: mercurynews.com, image: www.dailymail.co.uk

Another Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, investor in Facebook, Groupon and Zynga, purchased a lavish 25,500 square-foot mansion in Los Altos Hills, Silicon Valley, California, for $100 million in 2011. The mansion features a ballroom, game room, maid’s room, library, two dining rooms, an indoor pool, sauna and spa, two three-car garages, a carwash, tennis courts and 14 bathrooms.


Versailles House, Florida (price: over $100 million)

Versailles HouseSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: www.dailymail.co.uk

Both named and modeled after the Palace of Versailles in France, the Versailles House is a 90,000 square-foot house in Windermere, Florida, belonging to Westgate Resorts founder David Siegel and his wife Jackie Siegel. Currently, the estate is under construction but when the project is finished, it is expected to appraise at over $100 million. The residence will include 11 kitchens, 13 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, a 30-car garage, bowling alley, indoor roller rink, several pools, video arcade, two-story movie theater and much more.


Further Lane de Menil, New York (price: $103 million)

Further Lane de MenilSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: www.richestlifestyle.com

In 2007, Ronald Stephen Baron (also known as Ron Baron), an American mutual fund manager and investor, paid $103 million for a house in East Hampton, New York—the most ever paid for a residential property at that time—from Adelaide de Menil, heiress to the Schlumberger fortune. On the property, the billionaire is now building a new 28,000 square foot house.


Upper Phillimore Gardens, U.K. (price: $112 million)

Upper Phillimore GardensSource and image: www.dailymail.co.uk

In 2008, Elena Franchuk, Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist, the daughter of a former Ukrainian president and a friend of Sir Elton John, bought a large five-storey Victorian villa in Upper Phillimore Gardens in London for about $117.5 million. The villa is known to have at least 10 bedrooms, an underground swimming pool, gym, sauna and cinema.


Woodside House, California (price: $117.5 million)

Woodside HouseSource and image: www.businessinsider.com

In November 2012, a lavish villa in Woodside, California was sold for a staggering price of $117.5 million dollars to an unknown buyer. The mansion is roughly 9,000 square feet, and was designed by Virginia-based architect Allan Greenberg. It has a pool, a tennis court, nine-acres of property, and is surrounded by 360-degree views of the Woodside Mountains.


Xanadu 2.0, Washington (price: $120.5 million)

Xanadu 2.0Source: www.nydailynews.com, image: pinterest.com

Owned by Bill Gates, the market value of this property was listed at astonishing $120.5 million in 2012. Located in Seattle, Washington, the home has a pool with an underwater music system, a 2,500-square-foot gym and a large library. The house was named after the fictional home of Charles Foster Kane in the 1941 classic film, “Citizen Kane.” The house is earth-sheltered, which means it uses surrounding vegetation to more efficiently regulate temperature.


Fleur de Lys, California (price: $125 million)

Fleur de LysSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: idnes.cz

Located in the Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, the Fleur de Lys is a 45,000-square-foot private residence that was built in 2002. Featuring 12 bedrooms, 15 baths, a fifty-seat theater, a ballroom, a gym, a pool house, a running track, a tennis court etc., the estate was listed at $125 million in 2007. The house was reportedly sold to a French billionaire for $102 million (paid in cash) in 2014.


Blossom Estate, Florida (price: $130 million)

Blossom EstateSource and image: www.wsj.com

In 2013, the Citadel founder Kenneth Griffin bought four properties in Palm Beach, Florida, for a total of nearly $130 million. Located in the Blossom Estate subdivision, near Palm Beach’s Bath and Tennis Club, the four properties range in size from 1.64 acres to 2.21 acres. Three of the properties are adjacent along the ocean, with the fourth landlocked property behind the southernmost oceanfront property. The parcels total nearly 8 acres.


Broken O Ranch, Montana (price: $132.5 million)

Broken O RanchSource and image: www.businessinsider.com

One of the most expensive ranch properties to ever hit the market, the Broken O Ranch touching three counties in Montana, was listed at $132.5 million in 2011. Sold by William and Desiree Moore, founders of the Kelley-Moore Paint Company, the ranch included 4,500 cows and 20 miles of a river. A year later, Stanley Kroenke, an American real estate mogul, bought the property for an undisclosed price.


Manapalan Residence, Florida (price: $135 million)

Manapalan ResidenceSource and image: www.frank-mckinney.com

Located in the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, the Mapalan Residence was listed at $135 million by Frank McKinney real estate. This 3-story home include 14 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 18 car garage, dual water walls, aquarium ceilings and walls, movie theatre, casino, oceanfront gourmet family kitchen, catering kitchen, outdoor summer kitchen, offices, 10 wet bars, 2 wine rooms, gym with beauty salon, swimming pools, shark tank, sport courts, butterfly gardens and more.


Hearst Home, California (price: $135 million)

Hearst HomeSource and image: www.bloomberg.com

Once owned by publisher William Randolph Hearst, the Beverly Hills house now known as the Hearts Home was on the market for $135 million in 2014. The property has 28 bedrooms, 36 baths, an art-deco nightclub, an outdoor terrace with sit-down dining space for 400 people, two screening rooms, an eight-car garage etc. The house was also featured in the movies “The Godfather” and “The Bodyguard.”


16 Kensington Palace Gardens, U.K. (price: $140 million)

Kensington Palace GardensSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: www.dailymail.co.uk

In August 2011, Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman, investor and politician, purchased the building Nr. 16 in the Kensington Palace Gardens in London from the hedge-fund manager Pierre Lagrange. After the purchase, Abramovich built an extraordinary subterranean extension to the house that included a tennis court, health center and a private museum for his six vintage Ferraris.


Updown Court, U.K. (price: $150 million)

Updown CourtSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

Situated in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England, the Updown Court is a Californian style private residence. The lavish 103-room mansion has 58 acres of landscaped gardens and private woodland. In 2005, it was the most expensive private home on the market anywhere in the world, having been listed at $138 million. With neighbors including Elton John and the Queen guitarist Brian May, the estate is now estimated to be worth about $150 million.


The Manor, California (price: $150 million)

ManorSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

Also known as the Spelling Manor, the Manor is a large mansion located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Currently owned by British heiress Petra Stunt, the daughter of Formula One racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone, the property was on the market in 2009 with an asking price of $150 million. The Manor is a French chateau-style mansion with 123 rooms, 56,000 square feet of space and a parking lot with a capacity of 100 vehicles.


The Pinnacle, Montana (price: $155 million)

The PinnacleSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: dailycaller.com

Located in the Rocky Mountains in Montana, the Pinnacle is the largest and most expensive ski lodge in the Yellowstone Club, a private residential club, ski resort, and golf resort whose members are for example Bill Gates, Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Offering the ultimate luxury of a mountain resort, the 53,000-square-foot estate is estimated to be worth $155 million.


Ellison Estate, California (price: $200 million)

Ellison EstateSource and image: forbes.com

In 2004, Larry Ellison, an American internet entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist, built his 23-acre Japanese-style property in Woodside, California. Featuring 10 buildings, a man-man lake, koi pond, tea house, and bath house, this luxury estate was once worth $200 million.


Park Place, U.K. (price: $218 million)

Park PlaceSource and image: www.telegraph.co.uk

In 2011, Andrey Borodin, a Russian financial expert, economist and businessman, purchased the Park Place, one of Britain´s most expensive homes, for $218 million. Located in Berkshire, England, this 18th century country house has 30,000 square feet of living space but the sale also included about 200 acres of the parklands, listed monuments, house, cottages, stables and a boat house.


One Hyde Park, U.K. (price: $221 million)

One Hyde ParkSource: www.theguardian.com, image: alux.com

Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, paid a staggering $221 million for an apartment in the One Hyde Park development in Knightsbridge, exclusive residential and retail district in central London. Akhmetov purchased two properties on the seventh and eighth floor of the luxury residential complex. The apartment has an area of 25,000 square feet and its walls are made from bullet-proof glass.


6 Kensington Palace Gardens, U.K. (price: $222 million)

Kensington Palace GardensSource: www.telegraph.co.uk, image: www.livemint.com

In 2008, Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian steel magnate, bought the building Nr. 6 in the Kensington Palace Gardens for $222 million from Noam Gottesman for his son Aditya. The four-story house has at least five bedroom suites plus extensive servants’ quarters and is described as an institutional neo-Georgian building typical of a type built from the 1920s onwards. It was sold furnished and with an art collection.


Fairfield, New York (price: $248 million)

FairfieldSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: www.businessinsider.com

The Fairfield property is located in the town of Sagaponack, New York and is owned by Ira Rennert, an American investor and businessman. One of the largest homes in the US, the estate is worth a whopping $248 million. Occupying an enormous 62,000 square feet, the house has 29 bathrooms, 39 bedrooms, a 91 foot long dining room, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a 164 seat theatre, 100 car garage and more.


Villa Leopolda, France (price: $750 million)

Villa LeopoldaSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Located in the Alpes-Maritimes department on the renowned French Riviera, the Villa Leopolda is a large detached villa built in 1931. Boasting astonishing botanical gardens that have to be maintained by 50 gardeners, the villa was wanted by the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov who made several attempts to buy it from its current owner, the Lebanese born Swiss banker Safra but eventually, he withdrew from the sale. Back then in 2008, the villa was listed at $750 million.


Antilia, India (price: $1 billion)

AntiliaSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

With an official price of an astronomical $1 billion, the world´s most expensive home is Antilia, a private residence in Mumbai, India. Owned by Mukesh Ambani, an Indian businessman magnate, this 27-story house needs a staff of 600 to maintain the residence. Designed to survive an 8-Richter scale earthquake, Antilia has 48,000 square feet of living space, multi-story garage with space for 168 cars, three helipads on the roof and more.

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