25 Most Expensive Gifts Ever On The Market

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With Christmas right around the corner, shopping budgets are on most of our minds. Feeling guilty about how much money you’re about to spend? What is the most expensive gift you have ever given? Well get ready because they can get a whole lot more expensive! From cars and bikes to rings and phones, there is no shortage to things that people can make obscenely expensive. These are the 25 Most Expensive Gifts Ever On The Market!


Bike light

betty bike lightSource: huffingtonpost.com

The most expensive bike light out there is Betty. It goes for well over a thousand dollars, but it’s super bright and can even adjust itself based on how fast you are riding!



Mystery Masterpiece Mont Blanc and Van Cleef & Arpels Limited EditionSource: forbes.com, baklol.com

The Limited Edition Mystery Masterpiece is a joint creation of Montblanc and Van Cleef & Arpels. Not only does this pen carry the reputable names, it’s also studded with your choice of emeralds, diamonds, or sapphires; each pen is individually crafted. At over $700,000, it is one of the most expensive pens ever created.


Fruit Basket

japanese muskmelonSource: eletechoice.org

At $140 this Japanese fruit basket is one of the most expensive in the world. So what goes in it? Two ordinary musk melons! They’re somewhat of a delicacy in Japan.



Vinci_-_Hammer_2ASource: businessinsider.com, thelocal.it

Thinking of getting someone a book? How about one of the world’s most expensive ever sold? The Codex Leicester, sometimes called the Codex Hammer, is a collection of Leonardo Da Vinci’s writings and theories. As the only and original copy, Bill Gates bought it for $30.8 million in 1994. Gates has lent it out to museums all over the world; it’s set to return to Italy for display in October 2018 ahead of the 200th anniversary of Da Vinci’s death.



ten voss shampooSource: forbes.com

Created by Alterna, the Alterna Ten Voss shampoo sells for $386. Allegedly it carries rare ingredients from all over the world.


Golf Marker

most-expensive-golf-ball-markerSource: forbes.com

The world’s most expensive marker, the Gold TRI, is worth over $10,000. And this makes sense considering that it is made of 18 karat white gold embedded with numerous precious stones like diamonds, citrine, amethyst, and peridots.


Fishing Lure

expensive fishing lureSource: forbes.com

Manufactured by Uneek Fine Jewelry Collection and worth $1 million, this fishing lure will let you attract fish in style! It’s made out of 3 pounds of 14-karat, 1-karat gold, and platinum. It’s also encrusted with 100 carats of rubies and diamonds.


Baseball Card

HonusWagnerCardSource: huffingtonpost.com

Any baseball aficionado would know this card. It’s the T206 Honus Wagner, and it’s worth almost $3 million. Of course, that’s far out of most people’s budgets!



expensive luckystrikeSource: huffingtonpost.com

Designed by Lucky Strike, these cigarettes won’t just kill your body, they’ll drain your wallet! It’s the packaging, however, that is actually worth anything. This cigarette box is made out of 18ct white gold, has 1 large ruby, 1 large diamond, and is valued at $100,000.



Tieguanyin2Source: businessinsider.com

A Chinese Oolong tea known as “Tieguanyin” sells for $3,000 per kg. It has a chestnut flavor and can apparently be infused up to 7 times before losing flavor. It’s even named after the Buddhist Iron Goddess of Mercy.



ultimate bespoke suitSource: businessinsider.com

Designed by Savile Row Tailor William Westmancott, this suit is known as the “Ultimate Bespoke” and is said to go for over $90,000. So, what’s so special about this suit? The entire suit is hand-stitched and takes over 400 hours to create. In order to get this suit for yourself or a loved one, you have to make an appointment with William Westmancott.



artemis-apollo-diamonds-1Source: sothebys.com

Named Artemis and Apollo after the Greek gods, these earrings are sold separately. The Apollo blue is worth more than $40 million, and the Artemis pink is worth $15 million. They are both cut in a pair shape and are over 14 carats each.


USB Stick

white lake usbSource: forbes.com, extremetech.com

These days a USB stick would probably be considered a pretty meh gift…kind of like an advanced version of socks. That is, unless it’s the most expensive USB stick on Earth! Designed by White Lake, this diamond studded 14-carat golden flash drive goes for over $3,500!



sveid corkscrewSource: forbes.com

Here’s one for your spoiled wine-loving friends…a $60,000 corkscrew. Handcrafted out of titanium and gold, the Sveid Corkscrew costs as much as a really nice car. For a bit more, you can get a name engraved on it or play with different color options for the box it comes in.



lifemelSource: lifemelusa.com

Life Mel honey claims to aid with the side effects of chemo and radiation treatments. The bees used to make the honey are fed a special nectar made from a premium selection of herbs and vitamins. Their claims have even been backed by a recent clinical study. Purchasing 113 gram jar from their website will cost almost $80. (Yes, $80 for a jar of honey!) However, you can get a double pack for the same price on Amazon.



Chopard most expensive watchSource: huffingtonpost.com

Swiss based company Chopard recently debuted a $25 million watch that is studded with massive diamonds that weigh a total of 163 carats. There are 3 heart-shaped diamonds on the watch, too.



GUERLAIN-KISSKISS-GOLD-AND-DIAMONDS-LIPSTICK-Top-Famous-Expensive-Lipsticks-Of-The-World-2019Source: sassybella.com

Designed by Guerlain, the KissKiss lipstick goes for $62,000. That’s some pricey lip color! Well…maybe it’s more the case than the color. The case is made of 18-carat gold and 199 diamonds. Luckily, it’s refillable and comes with its own black wooden case, a brush, and a suede pouch.



Ecosse Heretic TitaniumSource: businessinsider.com

At over a quarter million dollars, the Ecosse Heretic Titanium is the priciest set of two wheels on the road! With titanium chassis and race exhaust with handcrafted details, the bike is quite beautiful. It also packs over 200 hp and 210 ft-lbs of torque.



leica OSource: amateurphotographer.co.uk

Collectors items make good gifts. This collectors item fetched millions of dollars back when it was sold in 2012. Now it’s worth an estimated $775,000. The 1923 Leica O-series model was only 1 of only 12 that survive.


Mobile Phone

FALCON-SuperNova-iPhone-6-RoseGold-Pink-DiamondSource: economictimes.indiatimes.com

The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond takes using your mobile device to the next level. Why distract yourself from life with a normal iPhone when you can do so with a huge pink diamond encrusted on the back? It will only set you back $48.5 million. If you’re looking for a different color for your loved one, there’s also an orange diamond for $42.5 million and a Blue diamond for $32.5 million. 


Gift Card

halcyon dreamcardSource: forbes.com

The $5 million Halcyon Dream Card, released by Halcyon, the famous charter jet tycoon, is also known as the Holiday Dream Card. You can probably guess why!


Computer Mouse

diamond flower mouseSource: forbes.com, cnet.com

The Swiss company Patty Says Now made waves when it released the Diamond Flower mouse for $23,350. With 18k white gold casing and 59 diamonds, this computer mouse is a perfect gift for the person who has it all. It even comes with a 3-year warranty.


Dog Collar

amour-amour-worlds-most-expensive-dog-collar_2Source: forbes.com

Who says only humans can receive expensive gifts? For $3.2 million, man’s best friend can strut around in a 18-carat white gold and crocodile leather collar studded with 1,600 hand-set diamonds. It even has a 7-carat centerpiece.



yu-mane-most-expensive-fraganceSource: forbes.com

With only 500 produced, “Yu” by Mane costs $5,000 per bottle. “Yu” means “rain” in Chinese. The high price tag is due to the number sold and unique creation process.



gold and diamond gameboySource: businessinsider.com

As far as technical specifications are concerned, this Gameboy from Asprey isn’t anything special. It’s the gold and diamond casing that makes it worth $25,000!

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