25 Most Epic Moments Of People With Statues

Commemorating important historical events, lives of influential people etc, statues have been around for millennia (the world´s oldest statue is some 30,000 years old – to be precise). In the past, people usually just took pictures of the statues but these days, tourists are much more inventive and resourceful. Consequently, their Instagrams, social media accounts and, eventually, the internet is full of crazy pictures of people posing with statues. To see some of these hilarious poses take a look at these 25 most epic moments of people with statues.



People posing with statuesdiply.com

Even statues know the importance of hygiene



Two birds with one stone.

People posing with statueswww.commonsenseevaluation.com

Yes, right there.

People posing with statuesstylepantry.com


I swear that's not a gun!

People posing with statuesatchuup.com

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