25 Most Endangered Species On Earth

Posted by , Updated on May 31, 2014

Although scientists estimate that there could be upwards of 30 million animal species on the planet, a number of those species are teetering on the verge of extinction due to man’s thirst for consumption or entertainment. Hunted for meat, for fur, and for other materials governments around the world are cracking down on poaching and illegal hunting practices. Unfortunately, some of the animals on this list have already been completely eliminated but for the most part these are the 25 most endangered species on Earth.

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Siamese Crocodile


The Siamese crocodile is native to parts of Southeast Asia and presently there are less than 70 left in the wild. Their survival has been compromised by people taking lands for farming, which affected the crocodiles due to the increase of cattle, use of pesticides, and chemical fertilizers that corrupted the clean water.


Brown Spider Monkey


The brown spider monkey received its name due to its long limbs, which help it to swing and climb on trees. Its tail is also flexible enough that it is considered more of a limb due to its precision and usability when being used to hang on branches. The population of 60 has been the result of relentless hunting and wild animal trades, which usually occur in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela.


Mexican Wolf


The Mexican wolf holds the title of being the rarest and most genetically distinct subspecies of the gray wolf, which is found in North America. There are now 340 of them in over 49 research facilities all over the US and in Mexico. The decline was primarily due to the decreasing number of elks and deer, which they hunt for food.




With less than twenty left in the world, the Baiji dolphin is one of the most endangered species on Earth.


Northern White Rhinoceros


The northern white rhinoceros is considered extinct in the wild and the last 10 white rhinos in the world are now being protected in conservation centers located in California and the Czech Republic. These animals are so protected that they even have guards by their side night and day to prevent them from being killed by poachers.

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