25 Most Disgusting Health Code Violation Stories

You may be shocked to find out how often health code violations happen. Here’s a hint: they happen all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. That hotdog joint down the road? Probably has a health code violation. Hole-in-the-wall burger sport? Probably has a health code violation. Your favorite lunch restaurant definitely has a health code violation. Though these violations are fairly common, not all are restaurant-shut-down worthy. Some are simple oversights with easy fixes. However, many other health code violations will make you puke, and yes they are real, and yes they could happen at your favorite restaurant without you even knowing! Today, I am going to share with you some of the grossest, most disgusting, health code violations found on the web. Are you brave enough to see how bad some restaurants handle the food you eat? I thought I was.

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A slice of what?!?

BreadSource: https://www.oola.com/

“A rat that had half eaten through a loaf of bread before it had been put through a bread cutting machine. Each slice of bread, you could see a segment of the rat.”


You're supposed to clean that? Who knew!

dirtygrillSource: https://www.oola.com/

“I once inspected a restaurant, and when I looked at the grill, it was GREEN! Apparently, it had not been cleaned in so long, food actually started to mold on it! The owner of the restaurant said, ‘You’re supposed to clean it?'”


Cockroach Pies

yumSource: https://www.oola.com/

“I saw pies that hadn’t yet had their lids put on, so they were open to a cockroach-infested kitchen. We were getting complaints about half-eaten cockroaches in pies…”


Just Scrape It Off!

moldSource: https://www.oola.com/

“One time, the McDonald’s I worked for had a health inspection. We had a few racks of expired buns. They had been expired for at least a week and were getting moldy. My boss pushed them to the back where the trash sits.
After the inspector left, he pulled them all out.
I did my shift set up and started throwing the buns. He got angry saying I was wasting money. I told him that they were moldy. He said, ‘We can scrape it off.’ I asked him if he personally would eat one, and he said no and walked away.”


The Mouse is a Cannibal!

scarymouseSource: https://www.reddit.com

“The dual combo of mouse and roach infestations are usually the worst, as the urine and feces are usually the most unsanitary part of the equation.
Or the triple whammy with rats on the exterior. Nasty characters, but they tend to stay outside (or in basements).

One of my first restaurants had such an infestation; a mouse had been stuck in a trap (under a dining room booth) and had eaten the brains of her young to stay alive. The corpses (numerous adults, plus young) were hallowed shells, the maggots had cleaned them out.

The roach infestation was contained in the moist and warm kitchen, where the food was made.

The most common issue I came across was insufficient cleaning and dilapidated structures. When it comes to pests in a restaurant, it’s not a matter of ‘if,’ but a matter of ‘how many.'”

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