25 Most Dangerous Schools In The US

Posted by , Updated on March 23, 2024

Have you ever pondered about the most hazardous educational institutions in the United States? It’s a frightening truth that schools can sometimes be perilous environments. It’s unfortunate as education forms not only the groundwork for achievement but also serves as a route towards an improved life. What makes these schools so risky? Instances of playground fights escalating to the involvement of knives and firearms might make you want to keep clear from these institutions. Here is a list of the 25 Most Dangerous Schools in the US!



Homer High School (Homer, LA)

Homer High SchoolSource: http://www.battlecreekenquirer.com/story/news/local/2015/12/09/parent-homer-gun-incident-responds/77036936/

Although high school students are expected to act like teenagers and may not always have the most mature mental state, it’s the parents that seem to bring trouble to this school. The school had to be placed on lock down for parents bringing weapons such as guns on campus.


Lodge Grass Elementary School (Lodge Grass, MT)


As the only elementary school in the district, the low math and English performances are not an added bonus to the violence surrounding the area. As shootings occur relatively close to the school, this isn’t the safest place for students.


Northwestern High School (Baltimore,MD)


Although the Baltimore Ravens make their city proud with their success in the NFL, the city has a lot of work to do. With a crime rate of 1,417 per 100,000 residents, this school is not located in the safest place; many parents avoid sending their child to this school to ensure their safety.


Strawberry Mansion High School (Philadelphia, PA)


Students have to be welcomed by police officers every day and searched for weapons such as blades and switch knives due to the violent nature of the students.


Abraham Lincoln High School (Philadelphia, PA)


The school has been deemed “persistently dangerous” every year since 2006. Not only are the students unsafe, but the teachers’ lives are being threatened too! Recently, 4 teachers were threatened in a short span of 2 weeks.


DeWitt Clinton High School (New York, NY)


Opened in 1897, you’d figure that it’d be pretty cool to go to this historical school. However, any school that has the title “Most Heavily Armed” should be one to steer far from. This school is associated with too much violence, and that’s not somewhere you want your kid to be.


South Philadelphia High School (Philadelphia, PA)


Gangs… Not only is it a problem outside in the streets, but it has found its way into the school setting. These gangs are a big problem because they lead to a high bullying rate found throughout the school.


Marion-Sterling Elementary School (Cleveland, OH)


This school had an incident where one of the 3rd graders brought and used a BB gun and later proceeded to bring a loaded pistol. Trouble roams this campus.


Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School (Richmond, VA)


MLK wished for peace and equality for all, but his peaceful vision has taken a bad turn at this Middle School named in his honor. Parents are scared for their children because for one thing, 6th graders are being bullied and beaten for simply being the youngest.


Cutler Bay Middle School (Miami, FL)


The Sunshine State has a not so sunny side when it comes to some of the schools in Dade County. Cutler Bay Middle School has multiple incidents of battery, theft, drug related issues, and over a hundred reports of fights in a single school year.


Lakeview Middle School (Greenville, SC)


South Carolina has a bad reputation when it comes to having many schools that are nationally ranked as the “Worst Schools in the U.S.” While this middle school is attempting to change its ways, the low test scores and poor discipline show the issues the school still has to work on.


Central State University (Wilberforce, OH)


Although the University’s academic standards may be high, this school has had multiple incidents of burglaries, forcible sex offenses, and illegal weapon possession.


University of California (Santa Barbara, CA)


This university had over 100 burglaries and assaults in a single year. There was even a Molotov cocktail attack on campus.


International High School (Lawrence, MA)


Based on the current statistics, these 490 students have one unpleasant reputation. The district they are in has a 50% graduation passing rate and is connected with a lot of violence as well.


Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (Cleveland, OH)


Ohio has a consistent trend with the many schools classified as the most dangerous. This elementary school is located in a tough environment where the children have even witnessed shootings right from the playground.


Harper High School (Chicago, IL)


With gang violence and shootings that have ended in student deaths, this is one high school to avoid at all costs. A Math (4%) and English (11%) proficiency well below the district and state levels is an additional reason steer away from this school if you’re in Chicago.


Northwestern Middle School (Jacksonville, FL)


Duval county is ranked as one of the worst counties in the state of Florida, and this school alone had approximately 3 fights minimum each week. This isn’t the safest option for students; however, being zoned in this district gives students no choice but to attend their perspective schools.


George Washington Carver Elementary School (Jacksonville, FL)

George Washington Carverhttp://www.news4jax.com

This is the elementary school linked to Northwestern Middle, and it carries on a lot of the trends seen at the Middle School level. Reports show there were 56 fights the same year that Northwestern had about 128.


University of Texas (Austin, TX)


This college is one to avoid. Just recently, a student was murdered while walking home at night. Not only was she sexually assaulted, but she was then strangled and dumped in a creek. We don’t want this to happen anyone.


St. John’s Military School (Salina, KS)


This boarding school may be built to make their students tough away from home; however, it seems this school goes overboard. There were instances of abuse and even sexual assault, and there continues to be lawsuits to close out these cases.


Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)


This highly known university isn’t as picture perfect as it may seem. Surprisingly, the Ivy-league has a crime rating that’s worse than the national average with respect to violence and property crimes.


Delaware High School (DE)

Delaware Newhttp://www.nbcphiladelphia.com

This high school has sadly lost the life of one of their students due to an incident with poorly behaved young ladies. The student was jumped in the school’s bathroom and knocked unconscious only to not wake up after.


Fort Pierce Westwood High School (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Ft Piercehttp://www.wptv.com

While schools continue to direct students away from guns, drugs, and violence, the students still manage to bring the negativity on campus. One student was caught with multiple weapons and drugs in his car, causing students to fear his intentions for these dangerous belongings.


East Lee Middle School (Sanford, NC)

East Leehttp://www.theblaze.com

Although concern for safety is primarily on the students, at East Lee Middle School, the teachers’ lives are in jeopardy. Some troubling students poisoned their teacher by placing expo marker fluid in the teacher’s beverage, hospitalizing him.


John Bowne High School (NY)

John Highhttp://www.foxnews.com

This high school is quite the dangerous one. A number of incidents have been reported at this high school which include a student being stabbed, assault on police officers, and multiple teen arrests due to weapon and drug possessions. Sadly, the violence at this high school only continues to rise.