25 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Posted by , Updated on May 1, 2018


Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous and deadliest jobs in the world are? Every job has its own risks. From working at high altitudes to facing serious health issues from various chemicals, it’s probably a smart idea to count what the job will cost you rather than only looking at the paycheck. Some jobs could cost you your life, and it might not be the best way to go out. So if you like to live life on the dangerous side all while earning your paycheck, take a look at these 25 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World!

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Street Sweeper

street sweeperSource: https://www.kiva.org/blog/the-worlds-most-dangerous-job

If you’ve ever been to Rwanda, you’ll know why street sweepers are on the most dangerous jobs list. Many women work all hours of the night in busy traffic and less than friendly neighborhoods.


Mountain Guides

mountain guideSource: https://www.chamonix.net/english/news/2009-08-13.htm

Between ice, long falls, jagged rocks, wind, low air pressure, and a whole slew of other dangerous sounding conditions, climbing mountains is not known for its safety. In one 2009 report, 11 guides had died on the job.




It’s a historically old job, and it’s also more dangerous than you may think. A broken hip falling from the second floor, a crushed finger, or a dislocated collarbone after slipping from a ladder are a few of the numerous ways you can get injured on this job.



stuntmanSource: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/stuntmen-live-with-risk-of-death-at-any-moment--81371

Stuntmen make the Hollywood action stars look good, and they put their lives on the line to do so. Between driving cars over cliffs and jumping out of high rises, these daring performers stare death in the face every day.


Courier Carriers

delivery manwww.reddit.com

With Amazon, Uber Eats, and other services, convenient delivery has become a more desirable service. Whether it’s pizza or newspaper delivery, this is a dangerous job in most countries. These workers are often the victims of armed robbery and other violent crimes. So, tip them well and be nice. 

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