25 Most Dangerous Airport Runways

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Let’s face it: traveling can be quite stressful at times. It’s not only plotting logistics and making sure everything is in order; many times, it’s the getting there that’s the most nerve-wracking, especially if you have a fear of flying. Not all fears of flying are unjustified. As you’ll soon see, some of these destinations have the worst airport runways ever! If you are one of the many people who have a flying phobia, you’ll want to stay away from these 25 Most Dangerous Airport Runways!


Cleveland Hopkins International, USA

Sign for Cleveland Hopkins International

Technically there’s nothing wrong with the location or construction of this airport, but the dangers in this case have to do with the irresponsible staff working there. A controller working an overnight shift was once suspended for watching a DVD while he was supposed to be directing air traffic. As if that weren’t bad enough for the airport’s reputation, a supervisor once complained about the controllers on night shifts routinely taking naps during breaks and playing electronic games when traffic was light.


Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

runway at wellington international airport

Landings in this airport can be extremely hazardous due to having only one very short runway that begins and ends in crystal blue waters. Despite being a very dangerous place to land a plane, its scenic rare beauty makes it one of the most beautiful airports in the world.


Los Angeles International, USA

lax international airport

According to Travel + Leisure, Los Angeles International is the venue for what the FAA calls an “ongoing intensive outreach program” to educate pilots, controllers, and vehicle operators on the best practices, proper procedures, situational awareness, and other aspects of runway safety. Additionally, Los Angeles International has been ranked multiple times throughout the years as the most dangerous airport in the US.


San Diego International Airport, United States

san diego international airport

Similar to LAX, San Diego International Airport is also considered to be one of the busiest commercial airports in the world. Entrance to the airport is blocked on the south and east side due to the mountains, and even further south lies the border of Mexico. This means that planes have to both take off and enter on the west side, barely just passing by each other.


Agatti Aerodrome, Lakshadweep, India

agatti airstrip

This airport is surrounded by nothing except the Indian Ocean, which makes you wonder what would happen if something went wrong during landing or if the pilot needed more space to take off. The 4,000-foot-long Agatti Aerodrome is so arbitrary and small that it looks like a piece of a larger runway that was lost at sea somehow. Because of the danger the short runway presents, there have been many suggestions and proposals to extend it. In the meantime, flights continue to operate normally since this airport is the only one in Lakshadweep, an Indian Union Territory consisting of thirty-six gorgeous exotic islands.

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