25 Most Creative Easter Egg Designs

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to think about creative Easter egg designs. We’re not talking about dunking your eggs in dye and calling it a day. NO! What we present to you are trophies of time consuming laborious art combined with wit, beauty, humor, and all around full of creative genius. Very creative indeed. Actually, there are hundreds of different ways to decorate your Easter eggs and if you don’t mind spending some time on the preparation, you can create some real Easter egg masterpieces. For example, you can create Minions, Game of Thrones dragon eggs, tattooed and metallic Easter eggs, psychedelic looking black and white eggs, and so much more. Are you ready to get those creative juices flowing? Are you ready to wow your egg hunting audience with the product of your creative genius? We know you are! Then join as we showcase some of our favorite Easter eggs from across the web. Check out these 25 most creative Easter egg designs ever. By the way, not only do these Easter eggs look great but they are also pretty easy and inexpensive to make as all the needed supplies are available at your local supermarket or even a craft store.


Teenage mutant ninja turtle Easter eggs

Teenage mutant ninja turtle Easter eggsImage: rollingout.com

Diving Easter eggs

Diving Easter eggsImage: spoonful.com

Game of Thrones dragon Easter eggs

Game of Thrones dragon Easter eggsImage: www.jacquielonglegs.com

Star Wars Easter eggs

Star Wars Easter eggsImage: www.surfandsunshine.com

Embroidery Easter eggs

Embroidery Easter eggsImage: www.brit.com

Minion Easter eggs

Minion Easter eggsImage: happyhomefairy.com

Galactic Easter eggs

Galactic Easter eggsImage: dreamalittlebigger.com

Angry Birds Easter eggs

Angry Birds Easter eggsImage: parentinghealthybabies.com

Mosaic Easter eggs

Mosaic Easter eggsImage: boredpanda.com

Scared Easter eggs

Scared Easter eggsImage: www.sodahead.com

Moustache Easter eggs

Moustache Easter eggsImage: number-2-pencil.com

If you want to check out even more Creative Easter egg designs, check out these 25 of the craziest, cutest, geekiest, and flat out outrageous Easter eggs on the internet.


Black and white hand-drawn Easter eggs

Black and white hand-drawn Easter eggsImage: lilluna.com

Super Mario Easter eggs

Super Mario Easter eggsImage: www.instructables.com

Sprinkles-dipped Easter eggs

Sprinkles-dipped Easter eggsImage: www.studiodiy.com

Kiss Easter Eggs

Kiss Easter EggsImage: www.mylkstuff.com

Haired Easter eggs

Haired Easter eggsImage: nurturestore.co.uk

Glittered Easter eggs

Glittered Easter eggsImage: www.twosisterscrafting.com

Tattooed Easter eggs

Tattooed Easter eggsImage: www.fatwallet.com

Superhero Easter eggs

Superhero Easter eggsImage: walyou.com

Engraved Easter eggs

Engraved Easter eggsImage: dotcave.com

Pokemon Easter eggs

Pokemon Easter eggsImage: inspirationfeed.com

Metallic Easter eggs

Metallic Easter eggsImage: www.wilton.com

Rainbow jello Easter eggs

Rainbow jello Easter eggsImage: catchmyparty.com

South Park Easter eggs

South Park Easter eggsImage: www.talkcocksingsong.net

Dinosaurs´ Easter eggs

Dinosaurs´ Easter eggsImage: growingajeweledrose.com

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