25 Most Controversial Calls In Sports History

Are you a hardcore sports fan? Then you’ve probably thrown your hands up in frustration at least once because of a call that you disagreed with. It happens all the time. Referees and umpires are humans just like us. Of course, sometimes a mistake can be quite costly and has led to some of the biggest controversies in sports history. These are the 25 Most Controversial Calls In Sports History.


Team USA (2010 World Cup)

usa soccer

With less than stellar officiating all around, the US had two goals disallowed, one against Slovenia and another against Algeria. Regardless, the US still moved into the knockout stage.


Chuck Knoblauch’s 'Tag' (Game 4, 1999 ACLS)


Yankee Chuck Knoblauch was credited for tagging out Boston’s Jose Offerman in spite of being multiple feet away.


Don Denkinger (1985 World Series)


When umpire Don Denkinger incorrectly called the Royals’ Jorge Orta safe at first, they came back to be beat the Cardinals and win the World Series. Talk about a mistake in their favor!


Hand of God Goal (1986 World Cup)


Diego Maradona scored this famous goal using…you guessed it…his hand. Surprisingly, he wasn’t called on it, and Argentina went on to beat England.


Roy Jones Jr. vs Park Si-Hun (Seoul Olympics in 1988)

Roy Jones Jr.

Although Roy absolutely pummeled Park Si-Hun, the judges gave it to Park. Many regard this as one of the worst calls in Olympic history.

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