25 Most Bizarre Mushrooms You Need To See

Fungi are a large group of organisms that range greatly from tiny living things such as yeasts and moulds to much larger and more familiar mushrooms such as the Champignon mushrooms and truffles. There are many different types of fungi that can be found almost all over the world. Scientists estimate there actually might be up to 5 million different fungus species, and as you will see in today’s post, some of them are very interesting. From the Brain Mushroom and the Bleeding Tooth Fungus to the iconic Fly Agaric, check out this list with different types of fungi. Here are 25 Most Bizarre Mushrooms You Need To See.


Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Bleeding Tooth FungusSource: nationalgeographic.com

Native to North America and Europe (but recently also discovered in Iran and Korea), the Bleeding Tooth Fungus is an inedible (not toxic though) fungus whose thick red fluid oozes through its tiny pores, creating the appearance of blood. The colorful pigments of this mushroom are also used to dye fabrics.


Giant Puffball

Giant PuffballSource: mushroom-appreciation.com

Found in open, grassy fields and meadows across North America and Europe, the Giant Puffball is one of the largest fungus species in the world. Occasionally reaching diameters of up to 150 cm (59 in) and weights of 20 kg (44 lb), this edible mushroom mostly occurs in late summer and early fall.


Golden Jelly Fungus

Golden Jelly FungusSource: first-nature.com

Commonly also known as the Yellow Brain or the Witches’ Butter, the Golden Jelly Fungus is mainly seen in winter, when it appears on fallen branches of deciduous trees. In dry weather, this fungus becomes a hard orange bracket and it much more difficult to spot. The gel-like body of the fungus can grow up to 7.5 cm (3 in) in diameter.


Texas Star

Texas StarSource: oddee.com

Found only in two locations (Texas and Japan), the Texas Star is an extremely rare species of fungus. It has the appearance of a dark brown cigar-shaped capsule that transforms into a tan-colored star when it splits open to release its spores. It is also one of only a few known fungi that produce a distinct whistle sound when releasing its spores.


Turkey Tail

Turkey TailSource: mushroomexpert.com

The Turkey Tail is one of the most common mushrooms in North American and European woods, found anywhere where there are dead hardwood logs and stumps to decompose. Its caps have many different colors but tend to stay in the buff, brown, cinnamon, and reddish brown range. The mushroom is not edible, but it is under research for its medical properties.

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