25 Most Bizarre Cities And Towns That You’ll Ever Visit

Check out the latest list: 25 Most Bizarre Cities and Towns That You’ll Ever Visit! The world is full of amazing and wonderful locations. However, for every sparkling metropolis or quaint hamlet, there’s a wildly weird community just down the road.

These crazy and unique cities and towns are found all around the globe. They encompass every stretch of the imagination; from hippie communes lost in the mountains of Australia. And, even to the dwarf villages deep in the heart of China. The only thing for certain is that these strange places will cause you to feel certain emotions.

You may appreciate the normality of your own home or feel like you’ve got one boring life! Without further ado, prepare for one crazy tour as we present the 25 most bizarre cities and towns that you’ll ever visit.

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Rennes-le-Château, France


This small, beautiful French hilltop village is known as the home of a number of mysteries including mythical treasures, unsolved murders, and secrets going all the way back to the roots of Christianity. Fans of the author Dan Brown might also recognize the name as one of his main sources of inspiration for his best selling novel, The Da Vinci Code.


Accident, Maryland


Accident is a small town in Garrett County, Maryland, and its name is thought to have come from the 1786 land survey. Two friends accidentally claimed the same plot of land and decided to name it as such. As for the town’s residents? According to the book Labels for Locals by Paul Dickson, a resident of Accident is called an “Accidental.” It seems the town was built on friendship and it was meant to be. Now, wouldn’t it be fun if they changed the name to “Meant-to-Be?”


Gibsonton, Florida


One of the most “fun” towns on this list, Gibsonton, Florida is a retirement spot and home for people who have worked in the circus industry. The town is also famous for its many exceptional museums on the carnival and circus lifestyle. So, if you have some circus tricks and you want a group of the ready-made audience (and critics), head on over to Gibsonton!


Thames Town


Despite being the spitting image of a stereotypical English city, this little town is actually found right the middle of Shanghai, China. The aptly named town has traditional English architecture, cuisine, and even those classic red phone booths we all identify with London. It might be unusual, but it’s a perfect stop for any tourist wanting to make a brief stop in Britain while on their tour of East Asia.


Elista, Russia


Widely known as the “Chess City,” this Russian city contains an area entirely themed around the game of chess. That’s not even the weirdest part about it. What’s weird is the city was built by the megalomaniac king Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a chess fanatic who claimed to have been abducted by aliens that gave him the wild mission of bringing chess to the people of Elista.

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