25 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds Ever

Everyone knows the internet loves their cats. Hence, the millions of cat videos and memes. Usually, people are familiar with common cat breeds, like a Persian or a Domestic cat. But, there’s plenty of other breeds out in the world, many of which are quite bizarre. From having weird looking coats to striking physical features, many cat breeds can almost look like extraterrestrials. Many are just plain ugly, while others are so adorable they might be in danger of getting squeezed to death. Curious to see these weird looking felines? Here are 25 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds Ever.

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Exotic Shorthair

shorthairSource: https://www.petmd.com/cat/breeds/c_ct_exotic_shorthair

Named “The Lazy Man’s Persian,” the Exotic Shorthair looks a lot like Grumpy Cat. This breed is actually much more affectionate than you might think. It’s also easy to care for since there’s minimal shedding.


Selkirk Rex

selkirk rexSource: http://cfa.org/Breeds/BreedsSthruT/SelkirkRex.aspx

The Selkirk Rex is a newer breed with a particularly curly coat. Rather than a tiny cat, they’ve been bred to be large, heavy boned, and sturdy. Of course, the longhair Selkirk Rex will have more pronounced curls that might make it look like it had a bad hair day.


Egyptian Mau

egyptian mauSource: http://cfa.org/Breeds/BreedsCJ/EgyptianMau.aspx

In contrast to the Selkirk Rex, the Egyptian Mau is an ancient cat hailing back to ancient Egypt. They were once worshipped by kings and pharaohs. They’re quite intelligent and have a fierce loyalty to their owners, wanting to be an integral part of the family. Their exotic look makes them especially attractive to prospective cat owners.


American Wirehair

american wirehairSource: http://cfa.org/Breeds/BreedsAB/AmericanWirehair.aspx

While the American Wirehair might not look like it, it has a unique history. This breed began as a mutation in a litter on a farm in New York in 1966. A mutation is uncommon among cats. It happens when a kitten is unlike its parents or littermates. Of course, in this case, its wirehaired coat distinguishes this breed from other cats.


Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian catSource: http://cfa.org/Breeds/BreedsKthruR/NorwegianForestCat.aspx

The Norwegian Forest Cat is as fluffy as it is fierce. Known as “Skogkatt” in Norway, it’s got an insulated double coat to withstand the harsh winters in its native country. While they certainly can be a lap cat, they will usually decide that on their own terms.

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