25 Most Bizarre And Somewhat Ironic Ways To Die

From being smothered to death by the gifts of your adoring fans to drowning a lifeguards’ party dedicated to celebrating a drowning-free season these are the 25 most bizarre and somewhat ironic ways to die.

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Overdosing on carrot juice

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Basil Brown in 1974


Getting hit by a flying model lawnmower during a football half time show

unusual deaths

Suffered by John Bowen in 1979


Falling out of a window after throwing yourself against the glass trying to prove that it was unbreakable

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Gary Goy in 1993


Inventing the Segway and then driving it off a cliff

unusual deaths

Performed by Jimi Heselden in 2010


Accidentally launching a missile at yourself

unusual deaths

Accomplished by the HMS Trinidad

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