25 Most Bizarre And Somewhat Ironic Ways To Die

Posted by , Updated on May 2, 2014

From being smothered to death by the gifts of your adoring fans to drowning a lifeguards’ party dedicated to celebrating a drowning-free season these are the 25 most bizarre and somewhat ironic ways to die.


Overdosing on carrot juice

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Basil Brown in 1974


Getting hit by a flying model lawnmower during a football half time show

unusual deaths

Suffered by John Bowen in 1979


Falling out of a window after throwing yourself against the glass trying to prove that it was unbreakable

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Gary Goy in 1993


Inventing the Segway and then driving it off a cliff

unusual deaths

Performed by Jimi Heselden in 2010


Accidentally launching a missile at yourself

unusual deaths

Accomplished by the HMS Trinidad


Reading your own obituary and dying from the shock

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Marcus Garvey in 1940


Being bitten by a domestic monkey

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Alexander I of Greece in 1920


Shooting yourself while showing the jury how the victim could have shot himself

unusual deaths

Performed by Clement Vallandigham in 1871


Getting smashed by a cannonball that was launched in honor of your ability to not die in battle

unusual deaths

Accomplished by John Kendrick in 1794


Eating too much at a feast being held in your honor

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Julien Offray de La Mettrie


Getting an infection due to being cut by the teeth of your enemy's decapitated head that you hung from your horse

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Sigurd the Mighty of Orkney in 892


Being beaten to death by your own wooden leg

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Sir Arthur Aston in 1649


Starving due to getting lost in your own house because you hoarded too much stuff and then couldn't find an exit because you didn't consider the fact that your were also blind

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Homer Collyer in 1947


Being the first human to be killed by a robot when the arm of a one ton factory robot fell and hit you on the head

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Robert Williams in 1979


Having a heart attack during the scene of the play where your actor is supposed to be having a heart attack

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Gareth Jones in 1958


Being smothered to death by the gifts of adoring fans

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Draco the Athenian lawmaker in 620 BC


Ingesting pills of mercury thinking that they will grant you eternal life

unusual deaths

Performed by Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, in 210 BC


Breaking your neck as a result of tripping over your dangerously long beard

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Hans Steininger in 1567


Being stabbed in the leg by the knife you taped to your cockfighting chicken during a match

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Jose Luis Ochoa in 2011


Eating too many cockroaches at a cockroach eating contest

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Edward Archbold in 2012


Being injected with soup

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Ilda Vitor Maciel in 2012


Being crushed by a cow falling through your roof

unusual deaths

Suffered by Joao Maria de Souza in 2013


Trying to launch yourself into space on a chair with 47 rockets attached

unusual deaths

Performed by Wang Hu, a sixteeth century Chinese official


Using an overcoat as a parachute while jumping of the Eiffel Tower

unusual deaths

Performed by Franz Reichelt in 1911


Drowning at a lifeguards' party that is being thrown in celebration of the fact that New Orleans has had its first drowning-free season

unusual deaths

Accomplished by Jerome Moody in 1985

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