25 Most Awe Inspiring Canyons In The World

Posted by , Updated on June 21, 2024

Canyons, with their many shapes and sizes, deep and winding, show off stunning geography not just in mountains. The Grand Canyon, the most famous one in the U.S., is a hot spot for tourists, especially those who love the untouched wild west. So, what makes canyons so intriguing? Learning the science behind how these giant cracks formed makes them even cooler. Yet, it’s hard to truly capture their magic unless you’ve seen them yourself. Let’s take a cozy adventure from your favorite chair. This trip could inspire you to visit them one day, or maybe just spark interest to check them out on Wikipedia and look at pictures online. Either way, you’ll be thrilled by **25 of the most amazing canyons** around the world!


Dadès Gorge (Morocco)

Dadès Gorge (Morocco)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Home to many Berber villages, this valley was originally settled due to the fact that it provided natural defenses.


Mides Canyon (Tunisia)

Mides Canyon (Tunisia)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

If you’ve ever seen The English Patient then you’ll recognize this canyon as one of the filming locations


Charyn Canyon (Kazahkstan)

Charyn Canyon (Kazahkstan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Found near the border with China, this canyon can reach depths of up to 300 meters


Itaimbezinho (Brazil)

Itaimbezinho (Brazil)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In the local language its name means “cut rock”


Zion Canyon (USA)

Zion Canyon (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Found in Utah it is home to the world’s largest arch (Kolob Arch)


Eldgja (Iceland)

Eldgja (Iceland)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It’s also known as Fire Gorge and is the largest volcanic canyon on Earth


Blyde River Canyon (South Africa)

Blyde River Canyon (South Africa)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

At nearly 760 meters deep this is the second largest canyon in Africa


Sumidero Canyon (Mexico)

Sumidero Canyon (Mexico)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Perfect for hiking, swimming, fishing, and numerous other outdoor activities this canyon gets neary 300,000 visitors every year


Spooky Gulch (USA)

Spooky Gulch (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Located in Utah this canyon got its name because so little sunlight could reach its bottom


Kali Gandaki Gorge (Nepal)

Kali Gandaki Gorge (Nepal)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This gorge has served as a trade route between India and Tibet for hundreds of years and today it is extremely popular with hikers.


Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon (Iceland)

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon (Iceland)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This is almost certainly the most impossible to pronounce canyon in the world!


Bicaz Canyon (Romania)

Bicaz Canyon (Romania)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Serving as a passageway between Transylvania and Moldova, the road winding through here is known as the most scenic drive in Romania


Indus Gorge (Pakistan)

Indus Gorge (Pakistan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It’s one of the deepest gorges in the world right next to one of the highest mountains in the world with one of the most famous rivers in the world (Indus River) flowing through the middle.


Grand Canyon (USA)

Grand Canyon (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It’s not the longest or the highest canyon in the world but its colors, sheer drop, and surrounding landscape make for a memorable experience


Fish River Canyon (Namibia)

Fish River Canyon (Namibia)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Second to only the Grand Canyon in sheer size and immensity, this canyon stretches for nearly 160 km


Tiger Leaping Gorge (China)

Tiger Leaping Gorge (China)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Situated along the Yangtze River the steep walls of this gorge make for some breath taking views


Gorge du Verdon (France)

Gorge du Verdon (France)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Surrounding the Verdon River, this is considered Europe’s most beautiful canyon.


Antelope Canyon (USA)

Antelope Canyon (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Located in Arizona this slot canyon can actually be quite dangerous. Not long ago a flash flood swept through killing several tourists.


Waimea Canyon (USA)

Waimea Canyon (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Sometimes called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, this impressive canyon can be found on the Hawaiian island of Kauai


Samaria Gorge (Greece)

Samaria Gorge (Greece)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This 16 km long canyon is found on the Greek island of Crete and more than a quarter million people walk its length every year


Colca Canyon (Peru)

Colca Canyon (Peru)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Although it has more than twice the depth of the Grand Canyon its walls aren’t nearly as steep.


Copper Canyon (Mexico)

Copper Canyon (Mexico)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The best way to explore this massive valley is on the “Chihuahua al Pacifico” Railway which passes through more than 80 tunnels and crosses nearly 40 bridges.


Taroko Gorge (Taiwan)

Taroko Gorge (Taiwan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

With a mix of jagged cliffs and white water rapids this 19 km long gorge is one of the island’s must-see attractions.


Kings Canyon (Australia)

Kings Canyon (Australia)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Part of this Australian canyon is a sacred aboriginal site so visitors aren’t supposed to do much wandering around


Todra Gorge (Morocco)

Todra Gorge (Morocco)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Found in the High Atlas Mountains this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco