25 Mortally Delicious Burgers From Around The World

There are very few things in life that everyone loves, or almost everyone anyway. Pizza and burgers are two of the things that always come to my mind first when I think of this topic for some reason, even though I know that every vegetarian out there would probably shoot me for even daring to think that everyone loves something as “meaty” as burgers. However, I happen to be one of these burger lovers who has dedicated his life to hunting for the perfect burger, and after a detailed search I proudly present the 25 mortally delicious burgers from around the world.


The BBI—Berlin, Germany


According to the rumors this is easily the best burger not just in Berlin, but also in all Germany. Happy customers who have tried it also recommend the fries and potato wedges that usually come with the big tasty BBI burger.


J. G. Melon Hamburger—Yorkville, New York


This hamburger is incredibly tasty but has a serious problem—it’s way too small and that leaves many customers unsatisfied. Nonetheless, the J. G. Melon hamburger is ideal for meat lovers since it’s full of bacon and the patty literally falls apart and melts in your mouth. Make sure you get two so you won’t complain afterward about the size. Sometimes good things do come in small packages.


Sirloin Burger at Le Tub—Hollywood, Florida

Sirloin Burger at Le Tub

Most burger lovers who have done their research recommend Le Tub in Hollywood, Florida, as one of the best places to have the absolute best burger experience. Apparently, the burger is made from one hundred percent sirloin and according to the vast majority of reviews once you take a bite you’re hooked for life. Sounds like a ridiculous overstatement I know, but I’m willing to try.


Flippin’ Burger—Stockholm, Sweden


When we usually hear about Sweden our mind automatically goes to Vikings, IKEA, and the cheesiest band of all time, ABBA. However, we have fascinating news for foodies since Sweden’s Flippin’ burger is not just the country’s best burger but for the past few years is considered one of the most delicious in the world as well. If you don’t believe us, just look at the picture.


Red Mill Burgers Deluxe—Seattle, Washington

Red Mill Burgers Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese

In their own words, Red Mill Burgers makes “ ’em Big ‘n’ Sloppy” and judging from the deluxe we will have to agree. The difference is the size of the burgers at Red Mill, which is easily noticeable, and no one has ever been reported as complaining that the deluxe wasn’t big or filling enough. Just make sure you’re really hungry when you visit.

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