25 More Things People Did Before The Internet

The things people did before the internet wasn’t all that different from today. Okay, that’s not true, it was wildly different. The internet has radically altered our behaviors, how we communicate, and how we get information. From phone books to checkbooks, things were not so convenient back in the day. However, there were quite a few perks of not having the internet around as well. Ready to travel back in time to a simpler age? Here are 25 More Things People Did Before The Internet.

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Used their imaginations


When people got bored, they used their imaginations. It’s called “daydreaming.” They didn’t pull up Facebook to mindlessly scroll until something new happened. They thought endlessly about all kinds of things and pretended to be other things or other places. Turns out, it was really good for them.


The newspaper was their pre-internet


The local and national newspapers told families everything they needed to know. From weekly television schedules to movie showtimes, newspapers were the primary source for current events.


Kids passed actual notes in class

passing notes

Back in the day, kids didn’t have WhatsApp to text their friends over wifi. Instead, they wrote a small note on a piece of paper and had other classmates pass it over to their friend. It was a hazardous process, especially if a teacher caught them in the act and read the note out loud in front of the class.


Watched a lot more television


Television and cable television was all the rage before the internet. The fear it would brainwash people and destroy society was a common refrain at the time, much like the fears about the internet today. Cable was for rich people and network television was for everyone else, but one thing remained the same, all people did was watch it.


Balance their checkbook


People couldn’t go online to check their bank account balance. Instead, they had two options: Walk into the bank and ask or track all their checkbook transactions in their register. It was a tedious task, but it had to be done.

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