25 More Mind-Blowing Future Predictions That Actually Came True

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Humans have always been obsessed with the future. The great question of “What will happen next…?” sits on the mind of everybody from a man living on the street to the richest of billionaires. Most occupy their time trying to shape current events to meet their future ideals. But others examine what is happening now and attempt to predict what will happen as a result. The results are mixed, but sometimes (and often unintentionally or unexpectedly) people get it right. Here are 25 more mind blowing future predictions that came true.

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Idea courtesy of Youtube viewer Jay Dupree.


Aldous Huxley predicted antidepressants 20 years before studies began on them.

antidepressants1Source: https://www.huxley.net

In his 1931 novel Brave New World, Huxley describes a mind-altering drug the people of London take in 2540 to retain their sanity. “Soma” is described as having “raised quite the impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds.” It wasn’t until the early 1950’s that research into the reality of these sorts of drugs caught on.


Roger Ebert predicts HDTV Flat screens, On Demand Video, and DVD's…in 1987.

roger_ebert1Source: http://io9.gizmodo.com/

Omni magazine interviewed the famed movie critic and asked him about the future of television and movie competition. His reply was impressively accurate: “We will have high-definition, wide-screen television sets and a push-button dialing system to order the movie you want at the time you want it… People will record films on 8mm and will play them back using laser-disk/CD technology.”


Twitter post from 2014 predicts the 2016 World Series, game 7 in detail.

gioworldseries1Source: www.wired.com

In 2014, a Twitter user named “Gio” tweeted:

“2016 World Series. Cubs vs Indians. And then the world will end with the score tied in game seven in extra innings #apocalypse”


Fortunately the #apocalypse was a joke, but everything else played out exactly as he predicted. Unfortunately he’s an Indians fan (maybe that’s what he meant by apocalypse!)


A fourth-grade Colin Kaepernick predicted his NFL future.

colin_kaepernick1Source: http://www.nfl.com/

In a letter written in class about himself and his future, young Mr. Kaepernick specified that he would go to a good college, grow up to 6”4”, and play for either the 49ers or the Packers. Nailed it.


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The Simpsons predicted a Trump presidency way back in 2000.

donaldtrump1Source: http://www.cinemablend.com/

The Episode titled “Bart to the Future” depicts Lisa dressed a lot like Hillary Clinton, having become the President of the United States after President Trump and inheriting “quite the budget crunch” from him having bankrupted the nation. Let’s hope that part doesn’t come true.


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