25 More Astonishing Photos You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped

These days, the internet is full of mind-blowing photos that look totally realistic, but in fact, a vast majority of them are fake, created or edited by Photoshop or some other photo editing software. Consequently, you might find yourself looking at people, animals, things and places that are in fact not as cool and impressive as they appear in the pictures. In reality, some of them might not even exist at all. But this is not what today´s post will be about. It is actually quite the opposite. The photos that we compiled for this post also look unbelievable, but no matter how incredible they might appear, all of them are actually perfectly true and real. That is right – be ready to be amazed because the things you are about to see are anything but an ordinary sight. From unbelievable photos of natural phenomena such as an apocalyptic cloud formation, a crooked pine forest in Poland and levitating mountain goats to actual pictures of man-made wonders including the famous Melting House in Paris and a hotel suite surrounded by marine life in Maldives, all of these 25 Astonishing Photos You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped are really 100% authentic.

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To see an airplane fly unbelievably close to a beach, you'll have to visit Saint Martin, an island in Northeast Caribbean. With the local international airport located right behind the beach, the planes fly right over the tourists´ heads.

Saint MartinSource and image: www.captmondo.com

No camera effect was used for this picture. The flower of the rose mallow is red because it came into bloom right after everything around it got covered in volcanic ash from Mount Sinabung's volcanic eruption.

rose mallowSource and image: newsiosity.com

Located in Paris, the “Melting House” was an illusionary masterpiece achieved by distorting actual photos of the house and printing them on large canvases that covered the house during a restoration of the building.

Melting HouseSource and image: www.fwdlife.in

Nicknamed “the Door to Hell," this unearthly-looking hole is actually a crater in Turkmenistan that was created after a Soviet drilling rig collapsed in 1971. To avoid dangerous gas releases, the decision was made to burn the gas. Those in charge expected the gas to burn off in a few weeks. That was over 40 years ago.

Crater in TurkmenistanSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

What looks like an army of levitating boats is actually a little harbor bay in Mallorca, Spain. Here, the water is so clear and turquoise that the boats cast shadows on the sea bottom.

MallorcaSource and image: www.pinterest.com

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