25 Money Saving Tips For Every College Student

College is not cheap and college students don’t necessarily have a lavish income. So how can a college student afford to live while attending college? These 25 money saving tips for college students should help.


Take advantage of student discounts.


Make sure that you always bring your student I.D. with you because there are quite a lot of establishments that offer considerable discounts or freebies to students and the only proof they need is a student ID.


Get roommates.


If you are living in an apartment and want to save, looking for roommates is a good idea. Having roommates means having people to share your living expenses with.


Live close to your school campus.


Living close to your school campus will help you save a lot on your transportation and meal allowances. If your home is near your campus, just walk when you go to class. During breaks, go to your home and eat there instead of dining at fast food restaurants.


Apply for grants and scholarships.


Applying for scholarships and grants will help you ease the financial burden of your parents. If you think your grades are good enough to apply for such grants, try doing so.


Get a bike.


To save up on your transportation allowance, consider getting a bike and use it to go to class. Aside from the fact that it helps you save, it also gives you the opportunity to exercise every day.

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