25 Misconceptions Hollywood Has Taught Us

It’s probably true that there are a lot of things movies do and portray correctly, but also some they do completely wrong. Almost every film employs a certain amount of misconceptions, stereotypes, and clichés that aid in the development of the plot. However, in some movies, they stand out so much that they become annoying to those of us who know the real world a little bit better than your average Joe. Some clichés and misconceptions are so obvious that you can’t help but focus solely on them. So, with that in mind, what are the worst misconceptions used in Hollywood films? What are some of the most ridiculous and inaccurate lessons you’ve learned by watching your favorite movies? Can you really make a car explode by shooting the gas tank? Is there sound in outer space? Are the Russians as bad as portrayed in some of the most popular films in history? You’re about to find out in our list of 25 Misconceptions Hollywood Has Taught Us.


Tracing a call takes sixty seconds

Tracing a call takes 60 secondsImage: en.wikipedia.org

Maybe that was the case back in the ’70’s and ’80’s, but nowadays tracing a call happens pretty much immediately. Heck, even if you call from a cell phone a trace is almost instant. The FBI has advanced technology, fellas, so be alert because Big Brother is watching you.


Cigarette plus gasoline equals major explosion

Cigarette plus gasoline equals major explosionsImage: en.wikipedia.org

In 2007, a team of researchers at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms tested this idea. They dropped a lit cigarette into a tray of gas many times and the gas never once caught on fire. The official results of this test: Never believe what you see in Hollywood films.


And shooting the gas tank will make a car explode

Shooting the gas tank will make a car explodeImage: commons.wikimedia.org

You have seen this in countless action films; a bullet hits a car’s gas tank, and there’s a massive explosion. In reality, the bullet will just travel straight through the gas tank and out the other side of the car without any fireworks whatsoever.


A car door will protect you from a bullet

A car door will protect you from a bulletImage: en.wikipedia.org

How many times have we seen the hero being saved by a car door when the bad guys shoot at him? In reality, car doors are far from bulletproof; bullets will easily go through car doors and most likely injure or kill you.


There’s sound in space

There's sound in spaceImage: en.wikipedia.org

In films such as Star Wars and Armageddon, we have seen explosions make lots of noise, but in reality that’s simply impossible. Space is a near vacuum, so we wouldn’t hear any sounds when things explode.

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