25 Mind Blowing Challenges To Reality

Reality is all around us and we deal with it every single day. It’s so pervasive that it makes some people, once in a while, do something completely unrealistic to push the boundaries of that which we perceive to be real. Check out some of their attempts via these 25 mind blowing challenges to reality.


Alexander Kent

25 Alexander Kent_tnhttp://newsles.com/

Dan Cretu

24 Dan Cretu_tnhttp://inhabitat.com/


Alvise Silenzi

23 Alvise Silenzi_tnhttp://1x.com/

Nacho Alegre

22 Nacho Alegre_tnhttp://photography-digital-online.blogspot.com/


Henry Hargreaves

21 Henry Hargreaves_tnhttp://photography-digital-online.blogspot.com/

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