25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind!

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Just when you were convinced you had heard everything astonishing, here are 25 fresh facts about Mick Jagger that will stun you! The iconic figure, initially named Michael Phillip Jagger, was born on July 26, 1943, in Dartford, England. Jagger’s early ambitions were political, and ballet has assisted in maintaining his energetic performance style.

Jagger has undoubtedly done things most people wouldn’t dream of. He once bought a mansion on an island, ditched Angelina Jolie on a date and even punched a horse in the face! Not surprisingly, he is going strong at 75!

The frontman of the Rolling Stones definitely made sure to experience all life has to offer. Prestigious schools, selling out arenas, being on the Hell’s Angels hit-list, and becoming a great-grandfather.

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are just a few of the things that Jagger has blown our minds with. So check out these 25 Mick Jagger Facts that will blow your mind too!


If It Wasn't Going To Be Music, It Would Have Been Ballet

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 01

Even at 75, Jagger is in excellent shape. Running, Swimming, Yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and ballet! Ballet has always been one of Jagger’s go-to for fitness.


The Logo For The Rolling Stones Logo Was Inspired By Hindu Goddess Kali

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 02

John Pasche designed the logo for the band. Jagger requested the likeness of the Hindu goddess, but Pasche had a different inspiration. Jagger’s own mouth. It debuted on 1971s Sticky Fingers album.


The Rolling Stones Loved Tequila Sunrise

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 03

Jagger and the guys had their first taste of Tequila Sunrise at a private party in California. This was the drink of choice during tours and while doing shows. The Rolling Stones made the Tequila Sunrise a popular drink.


A Lock Of Jagger's Hair Cost $6,000

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 05

College girlfriend, Chrissie Shrimpton, snatched some of Jagger’s hair after a trim back in the ’60s. She held on to this lock of hair for 50 years! Shrimpton sold the locks for $6,000 at a charity auction in 2013.


You Could Stay At Mick Jagger's Beachfront Property On the Island Of Mustique

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 06

Located in the West Indies, this multimillion dollar home is called “Stargroves.” Jagger rents this 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms home weekly. The lowest rate for this weekly rental is $16,500. Thinking about taking your family for Christmas vacation? There is a maximum of 10 guests and prices sore to $45,000.


The Rolling Stones Sold 63,000 Tickets For No Filter Tour In 2017

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 07

Jagger was 73 years old when the Rolling Stones went on their No Filter Tour in 2017. Each ticket for the tour cost around $159. Which means they made 10 million per show! They’ve come a long way since playing covers!


Punched in the Face in Amsterdam

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 08

1984 Jagger and Keith Richards return to their hotel after a night of partying. Jagger calls Charlie Watts around 5 am, even though Richards told him it was not a good idea. When Watts answered the phone Jagger says “Where’s my drummer?” Just a few moments later Watts in knocking on the hotel door. When the door opened he punched Jagger in the face and said: “never call me your drummer again.”


Jagger Writes Some Expensive Love Letters

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind 04

In 1969 Jagger wrote then-girlfriend, Marsha Hunt, a few love letters. Hunt was Jagger’s inspiration for the song Brown Sugar. In 2012 Hunt sold the love letters at an auction. Hunt sold the letters for $300,000.


There Was Probably An Affair With David Bowie

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind FAct 09

Angie Bowie, Bowie’s wife, was out of town for a couple of days. Upon returning home her maid tipped her off that someone else was in their bed. When Mrs. Bowie opened the bedroom doors she found Jagger in bed with her husband, both men nude.


Ruined His Chances With Angelina Jolie

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 10

They met in 1997 when Jolie made an appearance in a Rolling Stones video. After weeks of trying to convince Jolie to go out with him, she finally gave in. While Jagger and Jolie were at a party, someone else caught his eye. Jagger ditched Jolie when someone else caught his eye, Farah Fawcett, reportedly for a one night stand.


There Is An Unpublished Autobiography

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 11.

Jagger wrote an autobiography that has never been published. And according to him, never will be. He was promised a 1 million dollar advance when being begged to write it. Once Jagger wrote the autobiography in 1980 he decided it wasn’t going to be published.


He Took LSD Everyday For A Year

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 12

Jagger struggled with addiction in multiple ways. Not only did he have a sex addiction, but a drug addiction as well. When Jagger first met Jerry Hall he was using heroin and LSD. Jagger did LSD and heroin every day for a year.


Jagger Tried To Seduce His Psychiatrist

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 13

Jagger had such a bad sex addiction Jerry Hall, then wife, begged him to go to therapy. That backfired when he ended up trying to seduce the psychiatrist.


Jagger Was Almost A Politician

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 14

Originally Jagger had planned on being a politician. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 1961. Lucky for us, he would drop out to focus on his band.


A Bite Through His Tongue Is To Thank For Jagger's Raspy Voice

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 15

When Jagger was a child he bit through his tongue and swallowed a piece of it during a basketball game. This accident is what gave Jagger that rough yet refined voice.


He Paid For The Sex Pistols Legal Fees

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 16

Sid Vicious, vocalist and bassist for the Sex Pistols, found himself on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen in 1978. Jagger secretly paid the lawyer fees for Vicious. Sadly, Vicious died of a heroin overdose only 4 months after being let out on bail.


Jagger Is A Lover

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 17

Jagger has an estimated 4,000 partners. A few suspected to be on this list are Carla Bruni, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, and Carly Simon.


You Probably Think 'You're So Vain' Is About Jagger

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 18

It was rumored “You’re So Vain” was written about Jagger. Carly Simon, who wrote the song, denied those rumors. However, Jagger does, however, sing back up vocals on the track and was not credited.


The Youngest of Jaggers Eight Kids Has a Great-Niece Older Than Him

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 19

Jagger has a total of 8 children. The youngest, Devereaux Octavian Basil Jagger was born in December 2016. The youngest Jagger’s great-niece, Jagger’s great-granddaughter, was born in May 2014.


Suicide Seems to Follow Him Around

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 20

Chrissy Shrimpton and Marianne Faithfull, two of Jagger’s exes, almost overdosed on pills. Sadly in 2014, L’Wren Scott committed suicide.


The Hell's Angels Attempted to Assassinate Jagger

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 21

Jagger blamed the Hell’s Angels for the murder at the Altamont Speedway Free Festival saying that they didn’t provide proper security. For that, the Hell’s Angels plotted to kill Jagger. They tracked him to a summer home in Long Island. The Hell’s Angels may have been successful if their boat didn’t capsize in a sudden storm.


Someone Was Murdered During A Performance

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 22

1969 Altamont Speedway Free Festival. From the Rolling Stones arrived, everything started going south. Jagger was punched in the face by a fan as soon as he arrived. When the band got on the stage the crowd erupted in violence. Security, which was Hell’s Angels, stabbed a man to death just feet from the stage. The band was unaware of this event until after their performance.


Jagger Auditioned for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 23

He auditioned for the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter in 1975. It was for the film adaptation of The Rocky Horror Show. Obviously, he didn’t get the role. Producers went with the original performer Tim Curry.


The Mayor of Boston Bailed Jagger Out of Prison

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 24

Jagger was arrested after a violent altercation with journalists. The Rolling Stones had a show scheduled in Boston that night. Mayor of Boston, Kevin Hagan, was afraid riots would ensue if the show didn’t go as planned. So, the Mayor took into his own hands and bailed Jagger out of jail.


He Punched A Horse In the Face

25 Mick Jagger Facts To Blow Your Mind Fact 25

Jagger didn’t think twice when he jumped on the horses back. The horse reportedly “reared and roared like a Ferarri” Which probably should have been expected when he leaped onto the stallions back. Jagger wasn’t sure how to calm the animal down since he had never ridden a horse before, so he punched the horse in between the eyes.

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