25 Marvel Superheros That You Won’t Believe Still Don’t Have Their Own Movies

Martin Goodman is considered to be one of the main men who helped create the Marvel franchise everyone loves today. He started his career as an American publisher of pulp magazines, books, and comic books.

Goodman launched Timely Comics in 1938 and published the title Marvel Comics the very next year. A few years after launching their new brand, a young writer named Stan Lee came looking for a job. With his incredible vision and creative ideas, he quickly became a member of the team.

By 1961, Lee teamed up with artist Jack Kirby to create a team of Fantastic Four superheroes. Marvel comics soon became an extremely hot commodity. The colorful paperback books began flying off the shelves.

Marvel knew they were on to something big. Lee pressed on and worked to create characters such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, and Thor. These popular characters have been seen on the big screen countless times since they were created. 

While many people are familiar with the more popular Marvel superheroes. There are quite a few characters who haven’t had their chance to shine in theatres. Superheros like the She-Hulk, Detective Danny Granville, and Cynosure are a few Marvel Superheros that deserve their own movies.

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Tigra, a Marvel superheroine, would make an awesome lead character for an epic superhero movie.

Tigra’s real identity is Greer Grant Nelson. Before becoming a superhero, she agreed to give up her normal life to be transformed into a feline hybrid.

Throughout her journey of being a superhero, she sometimes struggled with coming to terms with her new form. We believe Tigra would fit perfectly in a Captain Marvel film. 




Before Monica Rambeau became known as Spectrum, she worked as a harbor patrol lieutenant in New Orleans. Then one night while on duty, she was accidentally exposed to extradimensional energy. This gave her the ability to turn into any form of energy.

Spectrum also has the power to fly at the speed of light. She is one of the most powerful African-American heroes and definitely deserves a movie of her own.




Writer Steve Englehart and artist Jim Starlin teamed up to create superhero Shang-Chi in 1973. Their character doesn’t technically have any superpowers but he does have expert knowledge in all forms of martial arts.

Shang-Chi first appears in Special Marvel Edition issue #15.

Many comic book readers immediately started to see similarities between Shang-Chi and Bruce Lee, a martial arts master.




There aren’t many things cooler than having the ability to turn sound into light and energy blasts. Just imagine what all of your favorite songs and music would look like.

For Dazzler, that is just part of her everyday life. She was created in 1990 and made her debut in Uncanny X-Men #130. Since then, she has starred in quite a few solo issues.

Fans are begging Marvel to make her the subject of an action-packed musical.



Space https://screenrant.com/marvel-superheroes-villains-not-screen-mcu/

Quasar is a fictional superhero who was created in 1977. His powers are something similar to that of advanced alien technology.

Storylines include him flying through space at the speed of light, saving worlds from complete destruction. Since Quasar’s superhero abilities are similar to that of Nova, Star-Lord, and Captain Marvel, he has been overlooked to star in a movie.

Hopefully, Quasar fans will have a chance to see their favorite superhero on the big screen one day.

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