25 Marvel Superheros That You Won’t Believe Still Don’t Have Their Own Movies

Martin Goodman is considered to be one of the main men who helped create the Marvel franchise everyone loves today. He started his career as an American publisher of pulp magazines, books, and comic books.

Goodman launched Timely Comics in 1938 and published the title Marvel Comics the very next year. A few years after launching their new brand, a young writer named Stan Lee came looking for a job. With his incredible vision and creative ideas, he quickly became a member of the team.

By 1961, Lee teamed up with artist Jack Kirby to create a team of Fantastic Four superheroes. Marvel comics soon became an extremely hot commodity. The colorful paperback books began flying off the shelves.

Marvel knew they were on to something big. Lee pressed on and worked to create characters such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, and Thor. These popular characters have been seen on the big screen countless times since they were created. 

While many people are familiar with the more popular Marvel superheroes. There are quite a few characters who haven’t had their chance to shine in theatres. Superheros like the She-Hulk, Detective Danny Granville, and Cynosure are a few Marvel Superheros that deserve their own movies.

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This fictional character was created by Stan Lee and artist John Buscema in 1980. She made her debut in the comic book Savage She-Hulk #1.

Even though she is one of the most beloved female heroines, she has yet to appear in a movie. However, lately, there has been a surge of movies staring lead female characters so we might hope to see She-Hulk on the big screen in the near future.




Nova is a fictional superhero who uses his powers for good while flying through space. He was the star of his own series and made his first appearance in the comic book The Man Called Nova #1. 

Nova’s retable character has stepped in to save the Marvel universe more than once, yet he hasn’t had his moment on the big screen … yet. Fans hope to see him debut in a space-themed Marvel movie.




She is perhaps one of the coolest Marvel characters. Moondragon is a powerful telepath, master martial artist, and a highly-skilled geneticist. She can basically kick anyone’s butt and looks good while doing so.

She first made an appearance as Madame McEvil. However, fans quickly learned that she wasn’t actually evil. In Daredevil #105 she takes on the new name Moondragon.




It’s true that there have been quite a few movies about Hercules, but none of them have been made by Marvel.

He made his debut when Stan Lee created the Journey into Mystery Annual #1 in 1965.

Hercules has starred in three self-titled limited series but hasn’t had a chance to show off his strength and powers on the big screen. Comic book fans are hoping to see him in a future Avengers or Thor feature film.


Wonder Man


Wonder Man has many fans wondering why Marvel hasn’t made a feature film about him. He was originally created by writer Stan Lee and artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

Wonder Man made his first appearance in The Avengers #9 in 1964. Wonder Man is considered not only to be one of the most powerful superheroes but also one of the most dynamic.

He is known to have a history of mental instability, which could create some interesting dramatic conflict. 

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