25 Man-made Things That Are Nearly Impossible To Destroy

In a world where everything has an expiration date (including humans) and either breaks, goes stale, or dies, the word indestructible sounds as surreal as the word immortal. And although there’s nothing truly indestructible—especially when made by man—there are certain products that were designed to last longer than others, even under the most unpleasant and harsh conditions. So what would you say if we told you there are bulletproof kimonos out there? Or umbrellas that won’t break no matter how hard you try to break them? Or phones that will survive any kind of accident? Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at these 25 Man-made Things That Are Nearly Impossible To Destroy.

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And if you want to see the cool destruction of one of these items, hop on over to Carsandwater and check out their video titled: RHNB-Nokia 3310.

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Virtually Indestructible Keyboard

Virtually Indestructible KeyboardSource: Amazon, Image: salestores.com

This silicone-based keyboard and mouse combo is impervious to most anything including water, coffee, and cleaning solutions.


The Unbreakable Umbrella

unbreakable-umbrella unbreakableumbrella.comSource and Image: unbreakableumbrella.com

The so-called Unbreakable Umbrella is a premium-quality umbrella that doubles as an impact weapon. If you try to destroy it, it’s more likely you’ll end up hurting yourself, not the umbrella.


Tungsten Rings

Tungsten RingsSource: tungstenworld.com, Image: tungstenaffinity.com

Strength. Style. Class. Tungsten rings are the embodiment of simple luxury. Extremely durable and long lasting, tungsten carbide rings outlast silver, gold, platinum, and all other alternative jewelry and retain their flawless sheen for a lifetime.


The Indestructible Watch

The Indestructible WatchSource: gearpatrol.com, Image: dailymail.co.uk

According to its makers, the Kaventsmann Triggerfish Bronze A2, a wristwatch, can withstand the impact of ten pounds of C-4 exploding just feet away from it; but now that we think about it, if you need a watch that can survive a C-4 explosion, then maybe finding the right watch isn’t your biggest worry.


Round Body Padlocks

Round Body PadlocksSource: americanlock.com, Image: doorware.com

American Lock round body padlocks are virtually indestructible, with hardened, chrome-plated solid steel bodies that resist cutting, sawing, and corrosion. They also have hardened boron alloy steel shackles that offer superior cut resistance.

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