25 Magnificent Torres Del Paine National Park Photos You Absolutely Have To See

When it comes to learning about our environment, nature and all the amazing animal and plant species that share the planet with us, there is no better place to visit than a national park. Some of them, such as the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park or Kruger National Park, are famous all over the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. But there are many more marvelous national parks that also deserve the world´s attention and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is definitely one of them. The park is particularly attractive for photographers and after you take a look at these 25 Magnificent Torres del Paine National Park photos, you’ll see why.

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Some of the rivers feature spectacular waterfalls and rapids, creating sceneries that no photographer can resist.

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The main river flowing through the park is the crystal clear Paine River which rises from the Dickson Lake, a glacially fed lake located in the northern portion of the park. The river´s deep and wide lower course is a popular area for kayaking.

www.wangulen.com Kayaking on the Paine Riverwww.wangulen.com

During its way to the Del Toro Lake where the Paine River ends, it falls into the Pehoe Lake where it forms a spectacular waterfall known as the Salto Grande. In the vicinity of the waterfall, there is a variety of natural vegetation forms as well as certain wildlife species.

www.mountainphotography.com saltoGrandewww.mountainphotography.com

With a surface area of 22 square kilometers (8.5 square miles), the Pehoe Lake is another popular spot. In the upper reach of the lake watershed there are numerous flora and fauna species, including grazing wild Guanaco.

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Guanacos are one of the most common animals found in the park. These camelid mammals native to most South American countries stand up to 1.2 meters (almost 4 feet) at the shoulder and usually weigh about 90 kilograms (200 pounds).

www.santiagoadventures.com 14_001p_GuanacosTorres_NS-hotel-tierra-patagoniawww.santiagoadventures.com

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