25 Magnificent Museums You Have To Visit In Your Lifetime

When visiting some of the world´s metropolis, do not forget to check out the their beautiful museums. Exhibits of artistic, cultural, historical or scientific collections can be the highlights of your vacation. While there have been many posts and articles about the various collections found in museums, this post will focus on the museum buildings themselves. For the treasures housed inside, we may tend to overlook the beauty of these monumental architectural jewels. Have you been to any of these 25 magnificent museums? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - New York City, New York, USA

www.guggenheim.org guggenheim-museum-arch490www.guggenheim.org

Located on Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, this museum is the permanent home of a renowned and continuously expanding collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern and contemporary art. In 2013, almost 1.2 million people visited the museum, which makes it one of the most popular exhibition sites in New York City.


Museum of Natural History – Vienna, Austria

www.dorje.com 115-Vienna83-swww.dorje.com

With over 30 million objects, this Austrian museum is one of the largest in Europe. It also serves as a working place for about 60 staff scientists. Their main fields of research covers a wide range of topics from the origins of our Solar system and the evolution of animals and plants to human evolution, as well as prehistoric traditions and customs.


Vatican Museums – Vatican City, Rome, Italy

amazonaws.com vaticanmuseum2amazonaws.com

Vatican Museums display works from the immense collection built up by the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries including some of the most renowned classical sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world. In 2013, they were visited by 5.5 million people, which makes it the 5th most visited art museum in the world.


National Museum of Natural Science – Taichung, Taiwan

travelixo.com National-Museum-of-Natural-Science-Taiwan-9O4travelixo.com

Founded in 1986, the museum is divided into six parts housing the Space IMAX Theater, Science Center, Life Science Hall, Human Cultures Hall, Global Environment Hall, and Botanical Garden. With over 3 million visitors annually, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan.


Acropolis Museum – Athens, Greece

www.architonic.com Bernard-Tschumi-Architects-New-Acropolis-Museum-06www.architonic.com

Founded in 2003 on the ruins of a part of Roman and early Byzantine Athens, this museum focuses on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens. Set only 300 yards away from the famous temple of Parthenon, its exhibits host nearly 4,000 objects.

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