25 Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over

Are you ready to see some ridiculously cool yachts? In this list, we’ve sailed the seven seas to bring you the coolest concept yachts ever designed – many of which have already been built into fully fledged yachts.

You may catch a glimpse of one if you happen to frequent Monaco, Montserrat, or any other playground for the rich and famous. These luxurious vessels are outfitted with the latest technology and the most modern comforts.

It makes a week at sea seem like a week in a five-star resort in the Maldives (and then some). Sporting luxurious delights from helicopter pads to on-ship spas to even a go-kart track, these yachts are the epitome of decadent design. Set sail for luxury in our list of the 25 Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over.



komorebi-yachtSource & Image: VP LP Design

Komorebi looks partly like a Russian ice breaker and partly like a sport racing sailboat. This 282 foot (86 m) long trimaran sports automatic sails which pivot to make the most of the wind, reducing power usage by up to 30%. Tender boats, sailboats, and even a submarine can pull up between the yacht’s main hull and flank hulls to be stored while the ship’s owners are having some down time. Named after the Japanese term for when nature is enhanced by the sun’s rays, the Komorebi makes sunlight a priority and is outfitted throughout with massive open spaces and plenty of glass for maximum solar penetration.


Motor Yacht A

motor yacht aSource & Image: Philippe Starck

Motor Yacht A was the famous play toy of Russian billionaires Andrey & Aleksandra Melnichenko. This superyacht is best known for its unique design resembling a white, military-style submarine; it sometimes mimics a military vessel, too, with a bomb-proof master cabin with rotating bed and space for two tender boats. The Melnichenkos are reportedly selling the yacht so they can upgrade to an even bigger superyacht bearing sails taller than the tower which houses London’s Big Ben.



Epiphany yachtSource & Image: Andy Waugh Yacht Design

One of Epiphany’s most striking features is its simple design, making it look like a fish while cruising over the sea. This superyacht is fully equipped for those looking to play, whether in the cinema, gym, spa, or gaming area. Its cascading decks make it look like a man-made waterfall at sea – a sleek, futuristic waterfall, that is.


Project Moonstone

Project-Moonstone-superyacht-Oceanco-concept-starsSource & Image: Van Geest Design

If boats seem like artificial anomalies on an otherwise natural ocean, Project Moonstone is here to remedy that. This superyacht is coated with a shimmering exterior which reflects the color of the ocean. If there’s not enough light to reflect, a fish-eye camera lens can capture the exact color of a sunset on the left side of the ship and project it on the right side, making it appear partially camouflaged. If there’s no light at all, Project Moonstone’s owner can choose her own custom lightshow right from her smartphone, making this yacht a delight to see when at harbor.


Origin 575

Origin-575Source & Image: Nigel Irens Design, CMN Shipyard, & Christophe Chedal-Anglay

Origin 575 is by no means the largest yacht on our list, but it is one of the most distinguishable thanks to its design. This luxury cruiser is a trimaran, creating a more stable experience for passengers in rough seas while reducing drag, allowing the boat to go farther, faster. While it may not be a replica of a tropical island like Tropical Island Paradise, it still features everything a rich owner could desire with plenty of entertaining space and the potential for helicopter and submarine parking.

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