25 Ludicrous Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

Posted by , Updated on February 2, 2015

“Conspiracy theory” is a term that was originally a neutral descriptor for any claim of criminal or political conspiracy. There’s no doubt that the government will always find ways to control us and in many cases manipulate or brainwash us, too. There have also been enough recorded cases where conspiracy theories turned out to be more than theories.

Nowadays, however, the term “conspiracy theory” has come almost exclusively to refer to any crazy theory that attempts to explain a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by conspirators of almost superhuman power and cunning. Examining and analyzing the facts is always good but in these 25 cases we feel like some dudes have literally overdone it. What do you think?

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Project Blue Beam


Project Blue Beam, in case you never heard the name before, will supposedly be used by the Antichrist when he comes to Earth to trick people into believing Jesus has returned. According to the conspiracy theorists, this tactic was also used in Operation Mongoose to brainwash American troops into overthrowing Castro and by Adolph Hitler to brainwash the millions of people he did.



Stanley Kubrick and the Illuminati

Stanley Kubrick

According to this wild theory Stanley Kubrick was supposed to be a secret member of the Illuminati who devoted his entire career to hiding clues of their existence in his films. However, he didn’t follow orders like a good boy and was eventually assassinated after he crossed the line with his last film, Eyes Wide Shut. Thus, he didn’t die in his sleep from a heart attack as they told us.


Obama controls the weather


HAARP, a research program managed by the U.S. Air Force and Navy, studies and conducts experiments relating to the ionosphere, or upper atmosphere. According to conspiracy theorists HAARP helps Obama control the weather, causing tsunamis and hurricanes for political reasons. Can someone buy Obama a PlayStation 4 so he can play cool games in his spare time instead?


9/11 Attacks


The list of conspiracy theories regarding this tragic event is so long and mysterious that one doesn’t know where to begin. Apparently, 9/11 was staged by the US government for some reason, while there are people who disagree and blame the Israeli government for it. Some guarantee us the Illuminati were behind it while others know for a fact it was the Rothschilds. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that shortly before 9/11, many Zionist bankers with prior knowledge shorted airline stocks and made a fortune.


Most of the powerful people on Earth are space lizards

space lizards

Did you ever wonder what Jack Nicholson, Nikola Tesla, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth II, Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angelina Jolie, and Mark Zuckerberg among many others have in common? They are not humans but space lizards, that’s what! Please, don’t tell me you never noticed. Watch closely next time they are on TV and you will clearly see it too!


The Clinton Chronicles


The Clinton Chronicles isn’t just a random theory but an actual film from the mid-‘90s that accused Bill Clinton of a range of crimes. The movie, directed by conservative activist Patrick Matrisciana, was characterized by The Washington Post as a “bizarre and unsubstantiated documentary.” The film was based on the conspiracy theory known as the “Clinton Body Count,” which is pretty much a list of associates Clinton was purported to have had killed. Thank God I wasn’t on it!


The moon doesn’t exist


Have you ever heard of this theory? You know—that the moon doesn’t exist and neither does space, and all these scientific theories are nothing but hot air to manipulate us? Additionally, there’s a group of people who claim the moon may exist but that it’s not a satellite but a structure aliens built. Not that we can be sure about anything but all this sounds kind of crazy, don’t you agree?


JFK’s assassination


Have you heard that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t kill JFK but that someone else did? Who exactly? Well, the conspiracy theorists offer a wide range of choices: a behest by Lyndon Johnson, or Richard Nixon, or the Mafia, or the communists, or the Vatican, or the surviving Nazis who partied in South America, or Fidel Castro . . . Wait, we mentioned the communists already.


Elvis is still alive


And so is Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, James Dean, and many other celebrities who got tired of all the money and fame one day and bought a small island in a secret place not found on any map where they all relax and have fun together without all the noisy paparazzi and hysterical fans bothering them.


But Paul McCartney is dead

Paul McCartney

I know what you’re probably thinking: What’s so special about Paul to go against the unwritten rule about “dead” celebrities? Dead celebrities are supposed to be alive and kicking it but Paul apparently really died and they want us to believe he’s still alive. According to the conspiracy theorists, Paul died in a car accident in 1966 and was replaced by a double that looks, sounds, acts, and writes almost exactly like him. So next time you see the still-youthful McCartney on TV, take a better look and ask yourself, “Is it really him?”


The Olympian gods were aliens

olympian gods

Is it possible that intelligent life forms visited Earth tens of thousands of years ago, bringing with them technology that drastically affected the course of history and human evolution? According to some conspiracy theorists, this is exactly what happened in ancient Greece where the mighty Zeus and the other Olympian Gods were actually aliens with “superpowers”.


Hitler lived for many years after WWII


There are some conspiracy theorists who insist that Hitler lived until old age somewhere in South America (Argentina or Brazil), dated many sexy Latinas with big butts, and that apparently he never hated the Jews but rather helped them create their own nation and aided them in their work.


The Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius

The stated purpose of the Codex Alimentarius is to be a global reference point for consumers, food producers and processors, national food control agencies, and the international food trade. Despite their good intentions though, the fact that none of the guidelines or standards in the Codex are binding on any country or their institutions leads some people to believe it is part of a global conspiracy to make people eat their vegetables or something even more sinister. To make a long story short, the Codex Alimentarius is just a plan to poison us all.


Dinosaurs helped build the pyramids


Did you ever wonder how the ancient Egyptians managed to build such impressive and huge constructions in an age where machinery such as cranes and tow trucks were unknown? Well, the conspiracy theorists have the answer: the evil Egyptians used the very few dinosaurs that had survived and once the job was done, they killed them.


Saddam Hussein owned an alien stargate

alien stargate

As most of us suspected there were no chemical weapons in Iraq and then-president Bush was looking for an excuse to invade Iraq. Why was he obsessed though? Was it all the gold the country had to offer? Nah! Was it all the oil underground? Nah! Saddam owned his own alien stargate, of course, and the US had to stop him before he conquered the Earth with the help of his little green friends. Where’s Fox Mulder when you need him?


Denver Airport is hell on earth

Denver Airport

For many years this creepy airport has been fertile ground for some pretty wild conspiracy theories that involve the Freemasons, alien lizard people, the end of the world, an underground bunker twice the size of Manhattan, Satan, Zionism, and the rise of the New World Order.


The CIA created HIV


There are some lunatics who actually believe humans deliberately invented HIV, specifically CIA agents so they could eliminate gays and black people.


Earth is not solid

earth is not solid

In case you haven’t heard, the Earth is hollow, with a hole to the “underworld” located in the Arctic, protected by the world’s superpowers, or it’s flat, with an army of super-soldiers a la Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren in Universal Soldier guarding the ice wall around the border. Do you know what the craziest part of this conspiracy theory is, though? That there are people who believe it actually.


Science is not about science


If you think that science’s ultimate goal is to organize knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about nature and the universe, then you’re sadly mistaken. According to this conspiracy theory, what the scientific world is trying to do is prove that there’s no God.


CERN built a star gate to awaken Osiris


As many of you probably know, Osiris was the famous Egyptian god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead; not the kind of god you would like to be around especially if you are into joyful and “vivid” activities. However, according to some hard-core conspiracy theorists the whole CERN project wasn’t for scientific purposes as the peeps in charge stated but to wake up Osiris and help him take over the world.


The gay plan for world dominance


Are you familiar with the term “Homintern”? If not then let us introduce you to the most hilarious conspiracy theory you have ever heard. “Homintern” is a term that has been used from the 1930s onward for a conspiracy of gay men in elite positions who allegedly control the arts, scholarship, and the theater world. Nowadays they supposedly go after political and economic power because, well, they got tired of dominating the world of art and entertainment.


Socrates never existed


There are some people that for some strange reason believe that any significant historical figure who didn’t write something about themselves, others, or the world automatically didn’t exist. That’s the case with Socrates, Homer, and many others. Now, the fact that Plato and a bunch of historians and philosophers mentioned that they met and talked to Socrates doesn’t mean much to them either; it’s all part of the conspiracy.


Gun control is an evil plan in reality

Gun control

As crazy as this may sound, some people believe gun control is merely a tool to prevent the people from revolting against the government.


The A440 conspiracy theory


If you thought the A440 pitch standard is only associated with notes and classical music then you are apparently wrong. According to some conspiracy theorists, the A440 is as evil as it gets and disagrees with the “vibratory nature of the universe,” whatever that means. It also leads to stress, aggression, and antisocial behavior in humans and was probably created by Nazi propagandists to brainwash people. Seriously now, does the everyday listener even know what pitches are?


Feminist activists dominate the videogame industry

Feminist activists

This has been a man’s world for thousands of years and once women got equal rights, they started seeking revenge for all those years of oppression. So, in their attempt to conquer the world they hired male videogame designers and made gaming a “guilty pleasure” for men from a young age to the point where they become soft, fat, unmotivated, and all they care about is playing in the digital world. Do you know the saddest part of this story? The fact that there are people who passionately believe this…seriously.

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