25 Loudest College Football Stadiums

Posted by , Updated on December 13, 2023

Being loud in a stadium is normal. As your team steps onto the field you want to make sure your team hears your voice of encouragement. You fill your lungs up, prepare your noise makers, and you let it all out! But how does your stadium’s sound of adulation compare to other stadiums? Let’s find out by looking at 25 of the loudest college football stadiums in the country.

Bronco Stadium

bronco stadiumwww.boisestatefootball.com

It may only hold 33,500 people but boy can they yell! Not to mention, these people are absolutely passionate about their college football team.


Faurot Field

faurot fielderinjunkel.files.wordpress.com

Having a capacity of more than 71,000 rowdy people is certainly no joke.


Williams-Brice Stadium

Williams-Brice Stadiumupload.wikimedia.org

The 20th largest football stadium in the country can house over 80,000 extremely excited (and loud) fans. Definitely bring ear plugs to these games.


Carrier Dome

carrier domeaviewfrommyseat.com

50,000 people + enclosed space = a veritable eardrum beating. The largest dome stadium in all of college sports, definitely creates an acoustical nightmare for your ears.


Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadiuminstntrply.com

100,000 plus people getting loud is more than just a Crimson Tide of voices


Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadiumgrfx.cstv.com

Auburn fans are serious about their team, and when you pack 87,000 of them in the 12th-largest stadium in the NCAA, you have pandemonium!


Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

oklahoma memorial stadium4.bp.blogspot.com

Has a great team, a great coach and great stadium that can hold 80,000 super excited fans. What more can you ask?


Texas Memorial Stadium

texas memorial stadiumgrfx.cstv.com

The stadium has a capacity of more than 100,000 people and is the largest by sitting capacity in the Lone Star State. Things are truly bigger in Texas…even noise.


Spartan Stadium

spartan stadiumpicturepush.com

Though it only has a capacity of 75,000 people, the Spartan Stadium still manages to be one of the loudest stadiums around. I guess their fans just know how to cheer.


Doak Campbell Stadium

doak campbell stadiumpostinspostcards.files.wordpress.com

With an 80,000 people capacity it’s the largest stadium in the ACC. Couple this with fans that are completely excited over their team and you have one very loud and very intimidating stadium.


Mountaineer Field

mountaineer fieldprosportsetc.com

Its 60,000 people capacity might not be that much, but Mountaineer field is still considered one of the loudest stadiums around.


Kinnick Stadium

kinnick stadiumupload.wikimedia.org

Packing more than 70,000 faithful fans, the noise that they create is deafening.


Kyle Field

kyle fieldupload.wikimedia.org

It’s the 13th largest stadium in the NCAA, packing more than 83,000 people. A great combination for loud riotous cheering.


Michigan Stadium

michigan stadiumrackcdn.com

It can hold more than 110,000 people and its the third largest stadium in the world. No wonder it’s called “The Big House”. 110,000 people screaming at the same time is sure to be loud.


LA Memorial

la memorial stadiumaviewfrommyseat.com

It seats over 93,000 people and is the only stadium in the country to have the privilege of hosting the Olympics twice. Nevertheless, Trojan fans expect a lot from their team which is reflected in how low they cheer.


Sanford Stadium

sanford stadiumontoppertheworld.com

A more than 92,000 people capacity makes the Bulldogs fans bite harder and bark louder. Trust me, this dog is more than just its bark.


Lane Stadium

lane stadiumbrittanica.com

Don’t let the 66,000 people capacity fool you, Hokie fans know how to bring down the house. Topple that with an impressive array of speakers and music, and you have yourself a very loud stadium.


Memorial Stadium Clemson

Memorial Stadium Clemsonupload.wikimedia.org

When those 80,000 crazy fans start shouting, you can bet that the ground will shake.


Camp Randall

camp randallcollegesportsfeed.com

What makes for a fun time at Camp Randall you may ask? Well, the 80,000 plus crowd antics such as “jump around” and “wave”, just to name two.


Neyland Stadium

neyland stadiumwikimedia.org

With a crowd of over 100,000, “Rocky Top” can sure rock.


Happy Valley

happy valleystadiumsandarenas.files.wordpress.com

It’s the 4th largest stadium in the world and it can hold more than 105,000 people. This valley sure has the capacity to be happy and loud, that’s for sure.


The Autzen Zoo

autzen zooknightlibrarybootcamp.files.wordpress.com

When a place is labeled a “zoo”, you know crazy things are bound to happen. Autzen Stadium only seats 54,000 people, but the crowd can really give it to you. It also helps that the stadium design amplifies the crowds cheers.


The Swamp

the swampsunshinestatenews.com

Also known as the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, it can host a crowd that can exceed 90,000 people. With an intimidating stadium design, teams think twice before stepping into the swamp.


The Horseshoe

the horseshoeflickr.com

Also known as Ohio Stadium, it can hold more than 102,000 people. It’s the country’s 4th largest stadium with an incredibly excited and loyal fan base.


Death Valley

death valleydavesmancave.com

With a (somewhat) friendlier name of Tiger Stadium, over 92,000 people can definitely let out loud roars.