25 Longest Bridges In The World

Trying to determine the longest bridge in the world is no easy task. In the past several years there have been numerous “measurement wars” fought over the length of Earth’s longest bridges. The primary reason for this is that it’s hard to define what exactly constitutes a bridge. Does it have to be over water? Are elevated roadways bridges? What if only part of the bridge is over water? Although these are legitimate questions if you are competing for a Guinness World Record, for our purposes we will not discriminate against any particular type of bridge. So with that said, these are the 25 Longest Bridges In The World.

Incheon Bridge


The Incheon Bridge (also called the Incheon Grand Bridge) is a newly-constructed reinforced concrete bridge in South Korea. At its opening in October 2009, it became the second connection between Yeongjong Island and the mainland of Incheon. It also is the seventh longest spanning cable stayed bridge and is 12.3 kilometers long. 


6th October Bridge


The 6th October Bridge is an elevated highway in central Cairo, Egypt. The 20.5 kilometers (12.7 mi) bridge and causeway crosses the Nile River twice from the west bank suburbs, east through Gezira Island to Downtown Cairo, and on to connect the city to the Cairo International Airport to the east. Its name commemorates the date of ‘The Crossing’ which commenced the outbreak day of the Yom Kippur War War in 1973. In 2011, during the Egyptian Revolution, the bridge had been the route of travel for protests in Tahrir Square as well as fights between those who were pro-Mubarek and anti-Mubarek. 


Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel


The bridge-tunnel originally combined 12 miles (19 km) of trestle, two 1-mile (1.6 km) long tunnels, four artificial islands, two high-level bridges, approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) of causeway, and 5.5 miles (8.9 km) of approach roads crossing Chesapeake Bay. Fun fact! In 1987, the tunnel of the bridge was officially named Lucius J. Kellam Jr. Bridge–Tunnel after one of the civic leaders who worked long and hard on the bridge. However, it’s more known now as Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.


Jintang Bridge


Jintang Bridge is a highway bridge with a cable-stayed bridge portion, built in Zhejiang, China, on the Zhoushan Archipelago, the largest offshore island group in China. The Jingtang Bridge has also been around for a lot of important Chinese history, such as the coming together of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army during the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign. The people of Tianjin refer to it as ‘The Glass Bridge.”


Jiaozhou Bay Bridge


The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is considered the longest bridge in the world over water using aggregate lengths standards (parts of it are suspended over dry land). This bridge is 42.6 kilometers (26.5 miles) long but spans over water for only 25.9 kilometers (16.1 miles). It’s also the other bridge that competed with Lake Pontchartrain Causeway over which was the longest bridge over water, causing Guinness to create two longest bridge over water categories. 

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