25 Little-Known Facts About US Elections That Will Probably Surprise You

Most of us with a TV or internet connection are aware that it’s an election year, and that it will most likely come down to Red vs. Blue on election night in November. We’re also probably all aware of what our aunts, best friends, coworkers, favorite actors, and parents think about the Red or Blue Candidate, the people who support them, and how the election will play out. If you’re looking for something new to bring to the table without taking a side, here are 25 Little-Known Facts About US Elections That Will Probably Surprise You.

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The last Third Party president to be elected was Abraham Lincoln in 1860. So the next time someone tells you a Third Party vote is a wasted vote, you can ask them if they've heard of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863Source: http://www.greatreality.com, Image: Commons.wikimedia.org

Ronald Reagan won 49 out of 50 states In the 1984 Presidential Election against Walter Mondale. The only state Mondale won was Minnesota, his home state.

ElectoralCollege1984Source: http://uselectionatlas.org, Image: en.wikipedia.org


The first woman to run for president was Victoria Woodhull, who ran in 1872 with the Equal Rights Party. She was a very controversial figure for her time, not only because of her outspoken activism on behalf of women's suffrage, but because of her many known affairs, some with members of the clergy.

Victoria_WoodhullSource:http://womenshistory.about.com/, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Astronauts vote via secure email on a Harris County, Texas ballot, as most astronauts live near ground control in Houston.

Astronaut_Mike_HopkinsSource: http://www.theatlantic.com/, Image: en.wikipedia.org


A third party candidate needs to reach 15% in national polls to be included in the televised debates with the Republican and Democratic candidates. The last candidate to do this was Ross Perot in 1992, who participated in debates with President George Bush Sr. and then Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton.

Ross_PerotSource: http://reason.com/, Image: en. wikipedia.org

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