25 Little Known Facts About Edgar Allan Poe; The Master Of Horror

It would be hard to find a literature fan anywhere in the world who wouldn’t know Edgar Allan Poe. Considered an important part of the American Romantic Movement, Poe was a great author, poet, editor, and literary critic. The most common reference to this amazing artist, however, is “The Master of Horror“. Poe is even regarded as the founder of a specific literature genre called detective fiction. His short stories are popular especially on Halloween when people retell them at night. Poe, who died exactly 165 years ago on October 7, 1849, simply created his own world, based on human fears and terrors and this world seems to amaze and attract millions of readers from all over the world. To learn more about this unique author, check out these 25 little known facts.

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In 1835, Poe, at the age of 26, married his 13-year-old cousin, Virginia Clemm. She died of tuberculosis in 1847 and her struggles with the illness and death are believed to influence Poe´s work where dying young women appear as a frequent motif, as in "Annabel Lee", "The Raven", or "Ligeia".

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Poe wrote a negative review of a work by his rival Rufus Wilmot Griswold, who - in return - began a dirty campaign to harm Poe's reputation by exaggerating Poe´s alcoholism and psychological issues and even publishing a false biography of him.

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“The Raven“, which later became Poe´s most famous poem and one of the most popular poems in the world, was originally sold to The American Review by the author in 1845. They paid him $9 for it.

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In 1826, Poe registered at the one-year-old University of Virginia to study ancient and modern languages but since his foster father didn’t send him enough money his debts; caused by his gambling, increased and he gave up on the university after a year.

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Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe were pen friends and even met once in Philadelphia when Poe was 34-year-old and Dickens was 31.

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