25 Little Known Facts About Arctic Foxes

The Arctic fox is definitely less familiar to us than a regular red fox, but in fact, arctic foxes are incredible animals that are often overlooked. You might wonder what arctic foxes eat or what adaptations they need to survive in one of the most extreme and coldest places on Earth. In fact, there are many more interesting facts about these little canine predators worth learning. Ready to expand your knowledge on the arctic fox? Check out these 25 Little Known Facts About Arctic Foxes.


Arctic foxes live in underground dens which can be centuries old, used by numerous generations of foxes. These tunnel systems are often very large, covering as many as 1,000 sq. miles (1,200 sq yd) and having up to 150 entrances.

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Depending on food availability, females usually have 5 – 10 young, but in areas where food is abundant, they can have as many as 25 offspring, which is the most of all wild living mammals.

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The young have to grow up and build fat reserves very fast because summer is short in the polar region. Unfortunately, many cubs fail to do that and the first winter is often fatal for them.

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Arctic foxes are omnivorous, eating almost anything they can find – from rodents, birds or fish to berries, seaweed and carcasses left by larger predators. In case of extreme scarcity, they have been even known to eat their own feces.

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When hunting, the arctic fox has to break through thick layers of snow. In order to do that, she jumps high in the air and dives headfirst into snow.

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