25 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

Posted by , Updated on January 18, 2024

Education opens up many doors and the more education one gets the more choices and opportunities one will have in life. We could write a whole book explaining how going to college is the most important thing a young man or woman can do for their future, but instead, with this list we intend to enlighten those who have already made this wise choice and are about to have some of the best times in their lives. As someone who spent not one, not two, but seven whole years before graduating law school, here are 25 life hacks that will help college students have an easier, funnier, and more enjoyable time while at college.



Be creative with the decoration of your crib


Decorative items can be expensive. But if you let your creative side out for a while, you might be surprised what you can come up with. For example, someone decided to create this cool beer can ceiling lamp.


Learn how to brew coffee without a coffeemaker

learn how to make coffee

Coffee makers can be a student’s best friend…especially during finals. But coffeemakers don’t hold a monopoly on making coffee. One easy way to brew coffee without the coffeemaker is to wrap about two tablespoons of grounds in a coffee filter and tie with a string. Then pour boiling water and let the coffee seep.


Use a hanger as a towel holder


A college dorm is not a place to boast of excess space. And towel storage takes a lot of space, but it doesn’t have to. Use clothes hangers to hang your towels for later use.


Organize your bathroom with an old CD tower

cd tower

Now that we’re well into the mp3 era CDs are becoming somewhat outdated. But if your thinking about getting rid of your old CD tower consider this. Use that tower as a bathroom shelf organizer. Simply create bigger slots by removing excess CD dividers.


Save the remaining uncooked pasta in a Pringles can


Cooking pasta just for yourself is always a problem simply because most people can’t eat a whole pound in one or two sittings, and then you don’t know what to do with the rest of the spaghetti especially after you’ve ripped open the box. That’s why you should always keep empty Pringles cans somewhere.


Plastic soda bottles can save your party

plastic bottle

If you’re organizing a party and need music, but the only equipment in your possession is your smartphone then put it into an empty plastic soda bottle. This will amplify your smartphone’s sound.


Organize your writing utensils with a toilet paper roll


When you don’t have extra money to spend on things you consider to be necessary you tend to get creative. You won’t believe how useful and what a great desk decoration a used toilet paper roll can be.


Washing machines can be great beer coolers


If you belong to the rare category of students who happen to have a washing machine in their dorm then you automatically have a lot of free space to chill all kinds of beverages.


Keep your phone "safe" when you party hard


If your smartphone isn’t waterproof and you tend to get wasted every time there’s a party just make sure you have two condoms on you. One for you in case you get lucky and one to cover your smartphone from the disaster that might follow.


Use binder clips in your mini-fridge to save space

binder clips

You’re just a student and so you don’t have a lot of space in your mini-fridge, but you’ve got a lot to store, especially beer and soda. What do you do in this case? Just stick a binder clip in the grill to stack your bottles so they won’t slide around! There’s no easier way to get them in and out. You’re welcome!


Double-time studying

doble time

As you have probably noticed by now, for some reason some professors tend to talk very slow during their lectures, to the point where it’s difficult to pay attention or even stay awake. But you still need notes right? Just make sure to record their long, boring lectures and then play them on your laptop at twice the speed by using a program like VLC to speed up the recording.


Keep in mind that anything can be a heating device

Keep in mind that anything can be a heating device

Most of us who were once students know firsthand that a good iron is not only useful for ironing your clothes but can also cook the perfect grilled cheese, while the coffeemaker makes pasta and noodles better, faster, and tastier than the best Italian restaurant for some reason. Ahhh, the things you learn as a student.


Be practical at all times


When a hole punch isn’t up to the task because that huge stack of paper is too much for it to handle, don’t get desperate, get creative. That’s what electric screwdrivers are for.


Keep notes with different colored pens

Keep notes with different colored pens

Surveys have shown that when we write things in different colors, it helps the brain to remember some of these notes better than others. In other words, keep the most important notes in colors you tend to like so you can memorize them better. Plus, your notebook will look artistic and colorful.


Use blue ink cartridge in a red pen


As you’ve probably noticed by now fellow students who like to borrow things tend not return them, especially pens. A good idea to stop them from even asking for your pen is to hide a blue ink cartridge in a red pen because let’s face it, nobody ever uses a red pen except your professors.


Washrags can save you from a really hot day


Studying in a room that is as hot as hell is one of the worst things that can happen to any student. Whats worse is when the air-conditioning in your dorm stops functioning properly. The solution may be found in something as simple as a washrag. Take the washrag and run it under cold water, then lay it on the thermostat, this may fool that stubborn dorm AC into working again.


Use a pizza box as a dust pan

pizza box

Think about it: you don’t have to clean it after, you don’t pay anything for it since you already paid for the pizza it came in, and the best part is that it goes straight into the trash with all the dirt.


Be smart with your room's "technology"


Having short charger cords attached to a power strip near your bed can be a real hassle. So, what do you do in such a case? Just tape it to your nightstand so the cords won’t get all tangled on the floor and the plugs will be less likely to fall out.


Make your phone a "super" alarm clock


If you’re one of those heavy sleepers who never manages to hear their alarm ringing but you can’t afford to miss any more classes in the morning then just put your phone in a glass. This will amplify the sound thus making your alarm much louder.


Macramé plant hangers can be really useful or even cool


You might have hated seeing them everywhere in your house but they might serve you well in your dorm room. If you don’t have a lot of room to put your speakers, you can always use macramé plant hangers and hang your speakers from the ceiling to save space. Additionally, it’s a totally awesome indie decoration.


Build up your GPA wisely


Build up your GPA in the beginning semesters when classes are easier because you will really need all those easy A’s to balance out the harder classes come junior and senior year.


Use tortillas as a plate so you don’t have to wash dishes too often


This is one of the best things about multiculturalism and having friends from different backgrounds. I would have never known this trick if it wasn’t for a Mexican friend who taught us how to eat beans, rice, mincemeat, and other delicious foods without having to do dishes afterward.


Make friends with the hardest-working students


Every ambitious student who wants to have some fun as well needs to hang around the hardest-workings students every now and then. Make friends with them and do projects with them while pulling your weight. The next four years will be so much easier with good study buddies.


Eat your pizza always crusty


You’re a student, thus you can’t cook or have a plate of food waiting for you every day so you have to be smart with the leftovers. For example, reheat your cold pizza in a microwave with a glass of water. Your toppings won’t be dry and the crust will stay crunchy.


Use your friends effectively


If you plan to give an important presentation to your class then you need to set up a couple of friends to ask you a few questions that you already know the answers to. This way you will look like a genius and get your fifteen minutes of fame.

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