25 Laws That You Might Have Broken Today

Posted by , Updated on October 31, 2022

Do you consider yourself a law-abiding citizen? Most likely you do. However, chances are you’ve broken the law today. You’re not alone because we all break laws, even without realizing it. Some of those laws are easy to break and difficult to enforce, like speeding. Others are just so strange and outdated that they are no longer enforced, like possessing permanent markers in public. These are 25 Laws That You Might Have Broken Today!


Throwing Away a Singing Greeting Card

merry christmas card frontSource: cracked.com

You know those greeting cards that sing to you? Well, even though it’s on a small scale, these cards have a battery and circuit board, so it’s illegal to throw them in the regular trash. You have to seek out an authorized e-recycling place to properly dispose of it.


Betting with Friends

cardsSource: washingtonpost.com

According to the Illegal Gambling Act of 1970, pretty much any bet involving more than 5 people and $2000 is illegal.


Putting Coins in Your Ears

euroSource: businessinsider.com

We’ve all done it because at one point we were all kids. But did you know that in some places (like Hawaii) it’s illegal?



cursingSource: businessinsider.com

Don’t curse in public. At least not in Mississippi because you can get a fine!


Leaving Up Your Christmas Decorations

christmas decorationsSource: businessinsider.com

Do you still have your Christmas decorations up? Well, in some states, like Maine, it’s illegal to leave up your Christmas decorations for more than 2 weeks into January.


Connecting to the Internet

wwwSource: washingtonpost.com

According to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, in the US its illegal to gain “unauthorized access” to a computer. Depending on the state, this may include connecting to any non-password protected wifi network!


Writing Disturbing Material

shocked readingSource: businessinsider.com

In some states, there are laws against writing “disturbing fiction.” (The interpretation of “disturbing” can be disturbingly vague.) So if you’re an aspiring writer, be careful. And if you live a crazy life…don’t let anybody read your diary.


Sleeping with Your Shoes on

sleep with shoes onSource: businessinsider.com

If you live in North Dakota and you want to take a nap, you’d better remember to take off your shoes. Sleeping with them on is illegal! Granted this law is not enforced, but it’s still on the books.


Sharing Your Online Passwords

passwordSource: mentalfloss.com

Depending on how you interpret various computer and fraud laws, sharing your password could potentially be prosecutable. Especially if it’s to something like Netflix.


Possessing Permanent Markers in Public

Sharpie fanSource: businessinsider.com

It’s basically due to anti-graffiti laws, but if you are caught with permanent markers in some states, you can be fined.


Registering with a Fake Name

gangster_tough_per_gang_attitude_toughness_american_attractive-922038Source: mentalfloss.com

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act strikes again. Depending on the situation, creating fake profiles or registering using a fake name can be crimes.


Having Sex Outside of Marriage

Lesbian_Couple_togetherness_in_bed_02Source: cracked.com

In many states (such as Florida, North & South Carolina, Illinois, and Virginia to name a few), having sex before marriage (ahem, fornicating) can technically get you fines of up to $300 and 6 months in jail. Luckily for most people in those states, this law isn’t enforced.


Walking a Dog

dog with diaperSource: businessinsider.com

When was the last time you took your dog out for a walk? Just now? An hour ago?

Was it wearing a diaper?

No? Well, in Temperance, Mississippi, you would be in violation of the law. It’s illegal to walk your dog unless it’s wearing a diaper.



speedometerSource: mentalfloss.com

Unless you don’t own a car, you’ve definitely done this.


Not Updating Your Driver's License When You Move

updateSource: washingtonpost.com

You’re usually supposed to update your license within a few days of moving.


Trick or Treating

trick or treatSource: businessinsider.com

Due to various interpretations of state laws, in places like Virginia, trick or treating is technically illegal.


Peeing Outside

Male_public_urinationSource: businessinsider.com

Most states have laws against this. Poor drunk college kids…


Sharing Prescription Drugs

pillsSource: businessinsider.com

Both federal and state laws make this illegal, but studies have shown that nearly 60% of people get prescription medication from family and friends.


Photographing Rabbits

rabbitsSource: washingtonpost.com

To the 3 people who live in Wyoming – don’t recklessly photograph rabbits. During some parts of the year, you need to get a permit.


Not Getting a Dog License

dogSource: businessinsider.com

Almost all states require you to register your furry friend.



trafficSource: businessinsider.com

If there’s not a zebra…don’t cross. You can get fined in most cities!



downloadSource: mentalfloss.com

Or downloading anything without paying for it.


Singing Off-Key

singingSource: mentalfloss.com

Hopefully North Carolina is filled with opera singers because singing off-key here is technically a crime.


Talking to People in the Elevator

elevatorSource: businessinsider.com

Do you have your “elevator speech” ready? Well, in New York, you won’t need it; not if you’re obeying the law. Not only are New Yorkers not supposed to talk in the elevator, they’re supposed to stay staring straight ahead towards the door. But hey, it’s New York. The rules are made to be broken.


Possessing a Lobster That Is Too Small

lobsterSource: businessinsider.com

Due to federal regulations and wildlife protection laws, it is actually illegal to possess lobsters under a certain size, even if you bought them at the grocery store.

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