25 Laws That You Might Have Broken Today

Do you consider yourself a law-abiding citizen? Most likely you do. However, chances are you’ve broken the law today. You’re not alone because we all break laws, even without realizing it. Some of those laws are easy to break and difficult to enforce, like speeding. Others are just so strange and outdated that they are no longer enforced, like possessing permanent markers in public. These are 25 Laws That You Might Have Broken Today!

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Throwing Away a Singing Greeting Card

merry christmas card frontSource: cracked.com

You know those greeting cards that sing to you? Well, even though it’s on a small scale, these cards have a battery and circuit board, so it’s illegal to throw them in the regular trash. You have to seek out an authorized e-recycling place to properly dispose of it.


Betting with Friends

cardsSource: washingtonpost.com

According to the Illegal Gambling Act of 1970, pretty much any bet involving more than 5 people and $2000 is illegal.


Putting Coins in Your Ears

euroSource: businessinsider.com

We’ve all done it because at one point we were all kids. But did you know that in some places (like Hawaii) it’s illegal?



cursingSource: businessinsider.com

Don’t curse in public. At least not in Mississippi because you can get a fine!


Leaving Up Your Christmas Decorations

christmas decorationsSource: businessinsider.com

Do you still have your Christmas decorations up? Well, in some states, like Maine, it’s illegal to leave up your Christmas decorations for more than 2 weeks into January.

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