25 Largest Animals on Earth

Although man may be responsible for some of the changes that the Earth is now undergoing, when it comes to physical size, humans are nowhere near being the largest creatures on the planet. While you may think to yourself that of course there are fishes, primates, and other animals that are a lot bigger than humans, in this list we’re going to see some creatures that are larger than trees, boats, and even houses. So get ready because these are the 25 largest animals on Earth.

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Chinese Rat Snake


Named after their ferocious appetite, which not surprisingly consists mostly of rats, these brightly colored behemoths can grow to nearly 5 meters in length.




Belonging to the triad of largest land mammals in the world together with the elephant and the rhinoceros, hippos are semi-aquatic creatures that spend most of their time partially submerged in water holes. Don’t let this fool you though. Like icebergs, most of their mass is hidden and if you manage to upset one of them…run. They’re notoriously fast.


Bluntnose Sixgill Shark


Also known as the cow shark it can grow to be over 5 meters long. It is actually the largest of its subspecies although this is probably partially due to the fact that most of its closest relatives are extinct.


Tiger Shark


Last time it was cow sharks, now its tiger sharks. Growing slightly larger than their counterparts they can be nearly 6 meters long and typically feed on birds, turtles, seals, and even dolphins.


King Cobra


Growing to nearly 6 meters in length it’s the largest venomous snake in the world. The name seems appropriate.

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