25 Kids’ TV Shows That Adults Secretly Love Watching Too

Do you have any television programs that you might be hesitant to admit that you like? Is one of the reasons you don’t want to confess your admiration for these shows because they are geared towards children?

Don’t feel bad! Many adults secretly love kids’ shows. After all, they offer a fantastic escape from reality and, for a little while, they help us forgot the harshness of adult life. Many kids’ TV shows have elements of magic, family values, and life lessons, which we can relate to as grown-ups.

We grew up watching some shows that we are eager to share with our own children. Then there are programs with new characters, new storylines, and new adventures that hook us in. Here are 25 Kids’ TV Shows That Adults Secretly Love Watching Too.

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Voltron: Legendary Defender


What ’80s child doesn’t remember getting up on Saturday mornings, getting a gigantic bowl of any sugary cereal (sometimes mixing them together), sitting on the floor in pajamas, and watching Voltron? You know your adrenaline rocketed when Team Voltron formed Super Voltron and battled the evil King Zarkon.

What better way to relive your childhood than by watching Voltron again on Netflix? It may not be exactly how you remember it, but give it a chance. You may be surprised.


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


This show might be a guilty pleasure for some adults. You can’t deny that the family dynamics and the interaction of the characters are quite amusing.

The show stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse, twin brothers who first rose to fame playing the character Julian in the Adam Sandler comedy Big Daddy. Sometimes the jokes are a bit corny, but they are often hilarious. It’s funny to see the hijinks that kids get up to sometimes.




The show Bunk’d is a spinoff of the popular show Jessie. It follows the children as they attend Camp KeeKeewaka.

Adults like this show because of its wholesome values … and they also probably find themselves singing along to the music of the show.


Liv and Maddie


Liv and Maddie is a show about twin sisters named, of course, Liv and Maddie. Liv was once a popular TV actress who returns back home after the show ends. Maddie, unlike Liv, is someone who doesn’t crave the spotlight.

Adults like this show not only because their children enjoy it, but also because, despite Liv and Maddie being polar opposites, they will still be there for each other no matter what.




Vamparina is about a girl vampire living in the real world. Adults love this clever show because of its similarity to the Addams Family.

It teaches about accepting each other’s differences. It also takes the tale of being the new kid in town to another level.

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