25 Junk Food Facts That Might Convince You To Eat Healthier

Posted by , Updated on January 15, 2015


Junk food is definitely one of the most enjoyable guilty pleasures of the modern world and an undeniable part of pop culture. People eat junk food at fast-food places, in school, at sports games, amusement parks, and movie theaters among other places, and junk food is easier to get access to than water in many cases. Unfortunately, junk food consumption comes at a great price. No matter how easy these delicious foods might be to eat, believe us when we say that junk food is as bad for your health as alcohol and smoking. See for yourself with these 25 junk food facts that might just convince you to eat healthier.

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The term “junk food” was originally used in the sixties but would become widely popular in the following decade when the song “Junk Food Junkie” reached the top of the charts in the mid-1970s.


Survey after survey of the past few decades has shown that the excessive consumption of junk food is directly connected with the increase in obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers.


If you’re looking for someone or something to blame for the junk food culture that exists today then blame your television. It’s a proven fact that nearly 80 percent of all food commercials that air on Saturday morning children shows are for junk food.


The American snack Cracker Jack was the first to use toys to target junk food to children. No morals whatsoever!


You’ve probably heard again and again how a can of Coca-Cola has about eight or nine (or even ten, according to some) teaspoons of sugar but you’ve probably never heard that the can’s metal is by far the most expensive of all the “ingredients” since the famous soda is made mainly with water, additives, refined sugar, and caffeine.


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