25 Jobs That Wouldn’t Exist If People Were Actually Decent To Each Other

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It seems a bit paradoxical, but a large part of our economy (a good thing) is built on the fact that we are quite poorly behaved towards one another as humans (a bad thing). Without getting too deep, it is probably worth pointing out that if we weren’t so nasty towards each other, there wouldn’t really be any need for an economy in the traditional sense of things or for many of the jobs out there because we would probably all just share everything. We know, that’s communism and there’s no room for that in these parts. Well, yeah, it’s true. Communism gets messy, but that’s not because communism is flawed. It’s because we are flawed. It all comes back to people and how we treat each other.

Most developed economies are built around the fact that people are selfish and not very nice to each other. They harness that very effectively and turn it into something that is beneficial to all of us. That is the magic of capitalism. It somehow manages to bring something good out of something bad. So, without being any more philosophical than we have to be, these are 25 jobs that wouldn’t exist if people were actually decent to each other.

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LocksmithsImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Because we wouldn’t need locks


Child Protective Services

Child Protective ServicesImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Because being able to have a baby doesn’t necessarily make someone able to care for it.



SoldiersImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Until Independence Day….just because people are decent doesn’t mean squat about aliens.


Escalation teams

Escalation teamsSource: reddit

These are the guys at the call center who you get referred to when you ask for the “manager.”



LawyersImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

They have colleges that teach people how to deal with human indecency.



BodyguardsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Because people wouldn’t mug you. They would ask you kindly.



ModeratorsSource: reddit

Because people are even worse when they’re anonymous.


Graffiti Removers

Graffiti RemoversImage: wikipedai, Source: reddit

Depending on your perspective, either the removers or the artists are to blame, but either way, the removers would be out of a job.


Alarm salesmen

Alarm salesmenImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Because people would ask you before trying to come into your house.


Tax Auditors

Tax AuditorsImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Everyone would just donate to the IRS



CashiersImage: Anthony Easton via Flickr, Source: reddit

They wouldn’t even have to watch the self checkout line.



UshersImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

They are there so that we don’t kill each other over seats.


Anti-virus software companies

Anti-virus software companiesImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

To be fair, many of these companies produce things that are even worse than malware.


Asset protectors

Asset protectorsImage: U.S. Department of Agriculture via Flickr, Source: reddit

They’re the guys that stand at the exit and “check” your receipt to make sure you didn’t steal anything.


City Inspectors

City InspectorsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Although some of the code violations are simply due to the passing of time and human error, there’s also the people who just don’t care about rules.


Animal Rescue Services

Animal Rescue ServicesImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Or that advertisement that has Sarah McLachlan playing in the background…



BouncersImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Because people are even less decent when they’re drunk.


Rhino watcher

Rhino watcherImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

All because people try to poach them.


Police Officers

Police OfficersImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Okay, so that was kind of obvious.


Litter collectors

Litter collectorsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Except in Singapore


TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

TSA (Transportation Security Administration)Image: wikipedia, Source: reddit

At least they make people feel safe, right?


Parking lot security guards

Parking lot security guardsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

This is possibly the lowest rung of the “security jobs” ladder.


Prison Guards

Prison GuardsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Because there wouldn’t be bad guys to put in prisons


Social worker

Social workerImage: someecards, Source: reddit

If people were decent, there would be no need.


Shopping cart collector

Shopping cart collectorImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Because apparently throwing your shopping cart in the canal is easier than just returning it

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